Hannibal & Hit 2 calisthenics experts educate you on a few exercises they personally use to help develop a powerful core, you can incorporate these exercises into your own current fitness programs. We will also be providing you with any advice, fitness tips, etc so feel free to ask us questions, thanks for watching Contact us anytime here: HANNIBAL tiny.cc HIT tiny.cc CLASH OF BAR TITANZ PAGE tiny.cc

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  1. Sup, have you heard of the Fat Blast Lifestyle? (Google it). My cousin says it helps people lose pounds easily.

  2. Boys can install feet under the table at 4 Rue du Pavé 85140 La Merlatière

  3. wear can i purchase your dvd

  4. Meet your biggest fan guys !

  5. Any bar will work for u. Just work wit what u got

  6. vChipGivesThemSight Reply September 3, 2012 at 7:04 pm

    “hello everyone. we’re here with umm..” :D 

  7. It is not about having bars around. One can exercise wightlessly, just search for “weightless workout” and “plyometrics”. I don’t know how low those bars are but, low bars are great for “dips workout”, search that too.

  8. People, it is not about supplements, hormones or medicine intake.If your body is healthy, all you need is will power, discipline and commitment.

  9. Good to know that I must not fatigue my upper abdomen before exercising the obliques and lower abdominals. No wonder my lower abdominals are the hardest to define!

  10. question, do you guys take any supplements with these workout? also, how often would you have to stretch your muscles?

  11. Too bad there are no parks like this here in Sweden, there are some pull up bars where i live but they are to low i have to bend my knees :( Well, I just have to buy a gym membership…

  12. Good video. I knew some guys that would use the playground to exercise. They called it hood exercise.

  13. How cold in NYC gets in the winter because in almost all videos Hannibal is shirtless and in this video the date is the 15th December?

  14. Whats the song throughout this video?


  16. ofc they don’t, these “niggas” are good people.

  17. at 3:00 he looks just like DMX

  18. not impossible at all. many can do it, lot of swing but it can be done. no one can do it slowly tho

  19. not impossible, im sure its possible just requires explosive one arm pull up and being able to dip with 1 arm so mad triceps

  20. Krkanov najveci fan Reply September 4, 2012 at 2:55 am

    But Hannibal is not human 3:D … x’D

  21. i think it’s completely impossible for a human being

  22. Krkanov najveci fan Reply September 4, 2012 at 4:41 am

    Can Hannibal make “One Arm Musle-Up” ?

  23. Thank you so much for taking out time to point out my misspelling. It was quite irrelevant, but its nice to know that people still care. Just like I care about your missing period in the exclamation marks and your capital letters. Idiots.

  24. then maybe you should start of by learning how to spell, its “calisthenics”

  25. Respect.