Apple Set To Resume US Manufacturing, Hobbit Vomit Inducing, Doggie Drivers

Today on The Daily Brief we find out that Apple is set to resume manufacturing of the Mac lines of products in the US, The Hobbit 48p is unbearable and that dogs can now drive cars. Apple US Manufacturing: Hobbit 48p: Dogs Drive Cars: Viral video of the day: AskMen: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Foursquare: Let us know know your opinions by commenting below!

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18 Responses to “Apple Set To Resume US Manufacturing, Hobbit Vomit Inducing, Doggie Drivers”

  1. My dogma ran over your karma. o.o

  2. out of all these three news stories the dog driving shocks me the most! lol

  3. dog driving,is it the meaning of life?

  4. A dog driving a car. Well.. now I have seen everything

  5. So NZ dogs are also gearing up for GTA 5..good for them

  6. Chloe looks so hot on retina display! :)

  7. It shouldn’t. Apple has better products than the competition, but the prices are already too high. They should cost the same if made in the US.

  8. chlooeeeeeeee ;) 

  9. Only in NZ

  10. Don’t forget though, it will also cost probably twice as much if it is made in US.

  11. Was JUST talking about this! Would love to see Macs and iPhones built in the US. I’ll pay for a Mac much more quickly if it’s produced in the US as opposed to abroad.

  12. LMFAO, driving dogs are too cute

  13. Yea dont trust things assembled in USA.

  14. I don’t like LOTR but I will watch the movie only because it was shot at 48 fps

  15. Take that, cats!!

  16. fuck apple

  17. 48fps? i don’t understand. So having a smoother video playing and having more detailed images somehow overwhelms a person due to the quality?

    or mabey golum ate another raw fish..

  18. Mac made in America? = WE PAY MORE?

    Not interested thanks.