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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to “Ask The POG Show: #4”

  1. I liked yo shit Rated comment and sub scribed

  2. LOL you’re funny

  3. rofl can someone please tell me what that song says in the start rofl

  4. mmmm mm, gotta have dat fried chicken :)

  5. omg the first girl has a beautiful body and hlla nice racks :)

  6. sick intro lovin the teleport shit

  7. level 99 magic nice teleport

  8. haha!!!! great ending! keep it real guys…..

  9. Chris, what do you do if at the end of the day your have meet your calories needs but your are low on your macros for the day? For example I just totaled my macros for the day and I was right around my protein and fat requirements but 50+ grams shorts of my carbs. Please help Chris!

  10. i hope the last guy can get to his goal

  11. chris man i hope this shit works out for’re a funny ass dude and real entertaining to watch.. half the shit I watch on your channel I already know but i’m always crackin up at the shit you say ….best of luck man.

  12. GODDAMNNNN at 2:55

  13. Sweet video effects, Vince :D ! Also, great advice Chris!

  14. lol Vince G is showing off his special effects skills

  15. Ghost at 4:05 near CJ left shoulder. Their place is haunted yo!

  16. First girl got an awesome body… shieeeeeet

  17. Respect to all the people in this video. Good information. Ppl cnt hate on chris, when he does answer yur questions he gives yu quality information! Quality! I stopped gaining weight for a while i thought i was getting macros but no my carb intake was waaaay tooo low and only chris jones was polite enough to answer my question.

    Thanks P.O.G, i like wat vince is doing with these graphics and vfx! Good stuff and ‘as always, have nice day’

  18. If you wanna convince you family that your new eating habit are good for you, Just bring home ….. .. Chris Jhoanssss :)


    she got a ghetto booty…


  20. naw we live in Dallas texas metroplex.

  21. D-Town, Detroit 

  22. Chris, can you do a Jello Pudding bit, Cosby Style

  23. 11:25 how long would you say that beginner phase lasts for Chris ?
    Like in months or the first year or maybe a certain benchmark like when you can lift this much of your body weight or body weight and such.

  24. 10 pounds in her butt and chest…