Beginner’s Fitness: How To Get Started and Stay Motivated

For all of you trying to get started on leading a healthier lifestyle, I’ve got some great tips and advice on some of the things you should look to start off with in order to get yourself on the right track to an overall better body and life! Things like shopping smarter when it comes to groceries, investing in a gym membership, and taking the habits of your social circle into consideration are just a few of the things I touch on. Hope it helps! Official Website: Like on Facebook Follow on Twitter:
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28 Responses to “Beginner’s Fitness: How To Get Started and Stay Motivated”

  1. Why were you only eating 500 calories?! Listen to your doc, up your calorie intake and maintain that for a few weeks. When the doc gives you the ok to start up a fitness routine, then pursue it. For now, just stick to the lighter stuff like brisk walks. A few push-ups or body weight squats here and there may not hurt either. But listen to your doctor!!

  2. Hey! I need your help. I lost too much weight for my age and height because I only ate 500 calories and worked out too hard. My parents got my doctor involved and now I’m not allowed to do any exercise until my heart rate get back to normal. My problem is, I feel too lazy doing nothing, I talk my parents into letting me take fast paced walks after dinner but I want to know, is there any other “exercise” I can do without too much excursion? Also some that I came hide from my parents and doctor.

  3. lol loved your opening line…all arnold style…I’LL BE BOCK!!!!! all joking aside, your doing good bro with your advice & all. i myself, am a personal trainer & also a follower of yours. you speak the truth. keep it up.

  4. if you “dont even workout” then why are you watching a fitness channel?

  5. I love doing calves and do 3 sets each of 25 reps on 70 lb weights, in 3 variations = toes straight, toes in and toes out, that way I hit every angle of my calves! This is an area very much ignored and it’s not attractive when you see a guy or girl that has super awesome upper body muscle and no leg or calve muscle… it just looks unbalanced to me ;-)

  6. sprinting and hiking.
    hikers have huge and ripped calves even if they are fat or DYEL,

  7. Asians have amazing calve genetics, especially Asian women in particular. I don’t understand why this is tho… Is it because of the terrain they used to live in? Or because of short bone structures ?

  8. O man that’s could be it! I always think it’s calves you can over train them and they’ll be fine but that’s what I’ve been doing. Somewhere around 4 sets of 20+ reps. Thanks for the reply ill definitely incorporate that to my training and see how that works.

  9. you’re probably doing too many reps with too light of weight. i felt the same thing happening to me and now im doing like 5 sets of 8 to 10 and its been working

  10. As another user posted, look into Arnold’s approach to calves; I think there’s an article on T-Nation about it.

    Personally, I’ve never paid special attention to calves and mine are 18″, no pump.

  11. barki ci spierdolily

  12. true that

  13. Me i have complete shite calfs , my girlfriend on the other hand has BOSS calves which make me super jelly and she doesn’t even lift or anything :(

  14. Awesome thanks for the tips man~!

  15. fight for every inch

  16. chuck taylor

  17. TheRealCardshark87 Reply August 20, 2012 at 6:38 pm

    what kind of shoes are those?

  18. Hey Matt I got a question. Don’t know if anyone else experiences this but when I do calf raises I end up feeling like my feet get exhausted before my calves. How can I change that?

  19. haha why is frank yang there?!!!

  20. he be bulkin’ son!

  21. getting big calfs just takes time guys. train,diet, and be consistent and your body will have no choice BUT to grow

  22. Where’s the pullup video Chris jones challenged you too?

  23. rufiorocksmysocks Reply August 20, 2012 at 9:54 pm

    yo matt, what are the supplements you take? currently i’m only taking concret creatine, by promera. thx.

  24. @Muscle4LifeX true.ihe says that himself in his book

  25. My calves are weak, def something to be improved upon.

  26. I agree completely. I see genetics only as a base and a multiplier to gains. If I had to pull a formula out of my ass, it would look like this:

    Muscle = (AAS + 1)(G)(4T + 5D) + Gb

    AAS = Anabolics
    G = Genetics
    Gb = Genetic base
    T = Training
    D = Diet

    Genetics are both a starting point and help facilitate growth. D > T >>> anything else.
    Strict D&T can beat unfavorable genetics.
    If D or T = 0, muscle = GB.
    AAS aren’t needed, but added to garbage D&T, they multiply garbage results.

  27. uphill sprints >

  28. I know people will jump on me over this, but I must say it. Arnold when he started training, his calves was almost none existing. He first thought his workouts was enough to make them grow in proportion to the rest of his body. Later only to find out it was far from it.
    So he started to train them several times a week. Super heavy, and super strict form. Only this way did they finally become one of his best body parts. Sure, steroids helped, but the truth is, it was the training that did it.