Bodybuilding Grilling: Easy Citrus Chicken

Bodybuilding Grilling: Easy Citrus Chicken

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25 Responses to “Bodybuilding Grilling: Easy Citrus Chicken”

  1. leanbodylifestyle Reply October 8, 2012 at 3:31 am

    Probably no new videos for awhile…
    I’m honestly not sure how many people see these, but if you do…please subscribe to my other channel. There’s a link in the description. I’ll make a video explaining things soon.

  2. good dog is good

  3. Nice meal and cute dog!

  4. @ptthug911 its says serving size 2

  5. are those the macros from 1 chicken breast or 2?

  6. You should make some videos on how to add some flavor to rice. I’m bored with regular white rice and dumping a bunch of salt and butter into it to make it palatable isn’t working out.

  7. yes simple recipes FTW thanks! 

  8. weirdest thing I’ve seen someone write

  9. Can this be cooked on a pan?

  10. Going to the gym next week for the very first time. Really needed some knowledge about cooking healthy :D

  11. like his other videos even though you haven’t seen them ;) aha!

  12. Hey man, I’d really like to make this recipe but I don’t own a Foreman Grill, do you know how long and at what temperature I should have to put them in a plate with aluminium foil for the oven?


  13. Under Armor

  14. Ok thanks dude

  15. ya bro same thing

  16. fvck, i disliked by mistake :( wat 2 do? i like his vid

  17. The ONLY thing I wish you would do sometimes, oppose to just always just plating the dish, please cut into the dish/item to show the insides. You had me fooled there for a sec when you grabbed the knife and said the way to know if the chicken is fully done is to cut into and and see if the juices flow clear… I was like WOOO HOOOO, he’s actually going to cut the chicken.. SIKEEEEEE :( Screw aesthetics, go all the way dude and show more :)


  19. Mike, if i do this recipe but with fish do i also poke the whole in it or what do i do for it to pick up the citrus flavor more? Please reply

  20. Quick Question isn’t sugar bad for you when trying to lose weight? Sugar=Poison so why Protein Pancakes? and whey and such?

  21. Please do a recipe with salmon? :)

  22. Everytime you point and say “you! Yeah you!” Haha i.feel you can really see me O.o lol

    Can you make some kind of fat burning smoothie? I wanna loose 70lbs by april! plz…

  23. What brand is his t-shirt in the intro?

  24. Lasagne

  25. wich model is the george foreman grill