Bodybuilding Snack for Students: 5 Minute Tuna Wraps

A really quick/delicious snack for back to school. “LIKE” if you enjoy! Comment if you have any requests for future recipes/questions for Ask LBL! MORE RECIPES HERE: ——————– FACEBOOK: TWITTER: LBL – Michael – CLOTHING STORE: FITNESS CHANNEL ——————– You will need: 4 oz. tuna 2 tbsp. red pepper (diced) 2 tbsp. onion (diced) Spices of your choice 2 tsp. spicy brown mustard 1 cup coleslaw 2 whole wheat tortillas ——————– Music: Droideka – Get Hyper

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23 Responses to “Bodybuilding Snack for Students: 5 Minute Tuna Wraps”

  1. I cant believe no one notice he’s using can chicken breast and not Tuna.. o.O

  2. What do you think about low carb Flax Wraps?

  3. your vids are keeping me up XD thats bad for school!!

  4. for us mexicans, this is a tuna burrito

  5. hahaha.. “that is pretty much ‘wraps’ it up for today…” :-)
    again a great video Michael… and these wraps taste great.
    I am going to try it with salmon out of a tin box…

    any meals with healty fatty fish??

  6. ….which really does suck ha! TRU

  7. oh look out we have a paleo elitist in the building.

  8. using wheat based products? Oh dear. I thought you had good nutritional information..

  9. @JiaIreland Me too high five! Wooooot

  10. one of the best videos on youtube ive seen in a while for helping me out with ideas for food since im going back to school soon. MORE PLEASE!!!!!

  11. yes do a million videos on student meals that require no heating just refrigeration.

  12. LOL I honestly thought you were going to say “slap chop my nuts” when you said slap chop.

  13. THANK YOU….School starts sept 4, 2012 for me….

  14. Nice!

  15. I do this all the time and they raster great but for extra flavor I use raspberry walnut dressing

  16. Thanks I totally overlooked

  17. he has it posted on the video @ 1:50 mark

  18. thats only if your eating fish with every one of your meals every single day. i eat fish a few times a week and the mercury levels found in fish are pretty low

  19. About how many cal is it? I can prob add it up but I was wondering if you already knew?

  20. I always watch your videos when I am coming up with grocery lists! lol.

  21. Just a reminder to those that dont know, too much fish can lead to high levels of mercury consumption which can lead to long-term health problems so limit your fish consumption!

  22. where can I buy a lot of tuna? I can only seem to find the small plastic lunch size containers of them… tried walmart, whole foods, safeway, target

  23. Alright! I love wraps, and your tuna wraps looks great. Good idea my friend!