Breaking up is hard to do, but with this work out we’ll get you out of the pajama pants and looking hot because looking your best is always the best revenge!! To view the printable workouts: Don’t forget to tell me how long it takes you in the comments below, and check out for more break up advice!! Love, Amanda Follow Me! Friend Me! To stay ‘in the know’ with all my daily tips and motivation: Check out my Facebook (Amanda Russell Workouts) and Twitter (arFit) for amazing give-aways of some of my favorite stuff!!! AND DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!!! Royalty Free Music by Sound Effects by

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25 Responses to “BREAK UP WORKOUT with ARFit!!”

  1. I love your capris! What brand?

  2. actually no, but i LOVE that suggestion!

  3. I absolutely love your workouts! They’re super effective and sculpting! Even though I’m not overweight or stuff like that, I just do them for “fun” haha (no, actually to sculpt too ;) ) :D But I’d really love to lose that little fat at the bra strap… Did you already do a workout on that? I would love to see it!! That’s such an annoying part!! xoxo thanks, love you :)

  4. 17 mins 18 seconds, i am SO sweaty now! :D :D

  5. Dear Amanda, now that school has started and I’m back to a normal schedule, I’ve been working out more vigorously. I see some good results, but bad ones as well… My butt and boobs are shrinking! Could you help me with a workout that don’t involve me losing the sweet spots?

  6. can you do a dancing video?? like zumba kind of ?

  7. Amanda, I think you’re adorable! I want to look just like you!

  8. One hour! Phew! I did 6 rounds of the exercise. That’s what she meant right? I have no breakup story but this workout will have you soaked in sweat instead of tears…actually maybe both lol.

  9. Oh OK when you said “there are 8 exercises going from one to the next for two rounds for a total of 16 exercises and then repeat two more times.” my mental math went haywire trying to figure out how many of each I do.
    So each of the 8 exercises 4 times. Whew! I will try it tonight.
    I workout at night, it’s the only time I can fit into my schedule, not ideal but better than nothing I guess.
    I love your workouts!

  10. yes! i will definitely start doing more full length videos in the future! thanks!

  11. thanks so much! 

  12. 4 rounds of 8 exercises! it should take about 15 minutes!

  13. aww this is amazing! thanks so much for your wonderful comment!

  14. yay! thanks for watching! 

  15. great!!!

  16. actually only 4 times!

  17. thanks!!!

  18. yay! amazing!!!

  19. hey amanda! i love your videos! but is there any chance that you could do some videos where your doing the workout with us? so we’re are watching the video as we are doing the exercises?

  20. 3:00 I probably shouldn’t imagine that it.

  21. Your hairrr is so distracting in this video, you look like a unicorn lol. BUT I love your work outs, thanks Amanda!

  22. aw good to know you’re doing well now :) and Amanda IS super awesome :)

  23. thanks I love this workout. thanks for keeping us going

  24. how many rounds of this ? thanks!

  25. I seriously love u! I recently went through a bad break up (maybe my worst) to top it all off, throughout the year and a half that I was with him he put me down lowering my self esteem, making me think I could never find someone better or like him. It took me a while, and did not want to step out of my house! So I began to try ur home workouts, they have really helped me and this one is even better! You are very upbeat therefore transferring that positive energy to me! Thanks so much