This video is not about my amazing fitness moves, it’s about motivating & inspiring those that motivate & inspire me, I DEDICATE & THANK all of you who have & continue to support us, and have a love & passion for what we do. I really appreciate all the support. Feel free to contact us for all fitness advice, tips & questions and get our I-PHONE/ I-PAD & ANDROID APP FREE, LINKS BELOW: FACEBOOK: I-PHONE/I-PAD APP: ANDROID MARKET:

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  1. Great job!

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  3. Thank you for your post I needed this .

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  5. Respect bro excellent job.

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  9. I love that Video  Inspiration PURE!! Nice Greetings

  10. admiration and respect for you ; )

  11. Quote at start is wrong as Bruce Lee whas an atheist.

  12. Thanks I’m glad I can inspire you.

  13. My Inspiration :D !

  14. great video, amazing strength! But the quote at 0:10 sec. is not by Bruce Lee. Thanks for the inspiration. You were one of the first few guys I saw on youtube doing calisthenics and your still going strong. Keep up the great work!

  15. youre an idol i hope one day i can do something like youre doing i am working on it but progress comes slowly …merry cristmas from germany

  16. legs? hhaahah

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  21. Thanks, I really appreciate it and you’re right.

  22. you are blessed with an amazing ability athlete, a unique personality, who do not need to explain what you do all day …. Greetings from Hungary :) ))

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  24. Woah!! Never seen power like that before..