Cardio Before or After Lifting Weights?

Should you do cardio before or after lifting weights? This is another question that I get all of the time, so here’s my opinion on it. Please “LIKE” this video if you enjoyed and COMMENT with any questions or requests. ——————– FACEBOOK: TWITTER: LBL – Michael – CLOTHING STORE: FITNESS CHANNEL ——————– Music: Droideka – Get Hyper
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25 Responses to “Cardio Before or After Lifting Weights?”

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  3. If you want to do 5 minutes or so of light cardio before you lift weights, that’s fine. I was talking about cardio for an extended period of time like 30 minutes or more in this video. Or you can eve split them both up morning and night, but not everyone has that kind of time.

  4. You … You are good you :-)

  5. Good videos
    i am a fun of you living in kuwait
    i would like to see videos of making some snacks between meals

  6. I wouldn’t say it is “wrong” but I would have to disagree with this method just because of the fact that your cardio sessions would be at a much lower intensity on an empty stomach. To get the most out of your cardio sessions in terms of fat burning benefits, you would be much better off to eat carbohydrates beforehand and to up the intensity. I find the best form of cardio for fat loss is HIIT and to attempt a session on an empty stomach would be a pretty big fail.

  7. I always thought you have to do cardio before lifting weights because your body is be warmed up.

  8. I’ve been doing cardio in the morning… meaning doing cardio on an empty stomach. After that, I lift weights. Is that wrong? I’ve always heard it was beneficial to do cardio on an empty stomach..

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  12. It really depends on your goal. If you’re focusing on building endurance, it’s better to start with cardio exercises. Studies show that your caloric deficit increases when weight training if your heart rate was high. So it might be a better idea to do cardio first, then weight training.

  13. respect michael. but i said common sense not common knowledge. peace.

  14. can you make a video on loosing the last few pounds plz

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  16. awesome ~ start now ~

  17. I don’t like Lebron either…: ((

  18. What do u think is the best age to start working out and building arm muscles and abs. I am only 15 but i want to get bigger arms and get better abs do u think its safe at this age?

  19. Hot pink! Lol :)

  20. Your earlier intro to your videos were better. Go back to the other music and style. Thx. Just a suggestion…

  21. Make a video on bringing up lagging bodyparts

  22. N0SacrificeN0Victory Reply September 2, 2012 at 3:35 am

    Michael, can you make a video of when and how people overtrain? or how to avoid it

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  24. you have to do minimum 20 min cardio every day it even help you grow bigger.
    doing cardio before or after can be so debatable.

    If you do light walking but in a fast past then you can do it before you start lifting.

    And the last thing is:
    experiences bodybuilder don’t due cardio after they split it up some times.
    a beginner can do it before lifting because often they only work out 3 times a week with an overall muscle work out to get good form down but then again that’s my opinion :)