Tips for Physical and Mental Fitness

Jillian Michaels gives you the inside story on food, exercise and your self esteem.

Celebrity Fitness - Jillian Michaels Fit and Fab Interview

Celebrated fitness expert Jillian Michaels offers real-world nutrition tips and facilitates an empowering discussion about body image, self-esteem and exercise.

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26 Responses to “Tips for Physical and Mental Fitness”

  1. DAMN SHE FINE !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. thanks. Always like to follow you to work out in the morning. Could you write on ur site how to get bodyfat down like yours for middle-age females? Thanks.

  3. 4 rounds and onto the 5th with two wall walks, awesome!

  4. why did you leave bodyrock? :)

  5. this one was so fun to do. thank you!

  6. Keep the blond. Black makes u look strange

  7. What would be the wall walk modification for beginners like me?

    I can’t walk like that and definitely can’t get that high with my feet! Should I just try to get as high as I can? Would I be working properly anyways?

    So much questions! LOL! Sorry, but I’m a newbie :3

  8. I’m so glad I found you again! I’ve didn’t do workouts for a while due to a knee problem so I was totally not motivated that I couldn’t see you on! I can’t watch those videos because there with allot off equipment! I love the way we only need a wall here for this workout! Thanks for posting and inspiring me! After a year I’m getting back into exercising!

  9. gosssstosaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  10. back when i was in school, wall sits with march was a punishment :[

  11. zuzana make ur videos with dark background… so you will be more bright…

  12. almost 4 rounds !
    missin 20 marches!

  13. “almost crying for my mom”!!!!!!! ahahahahahaha :) I <3 you Z!

  14. your so f**king hot

  15. I love the AMRAP style. It fits perfectly in to my new found crazy schedule of nursing school :/ but my workout schedule helps keep me sane :) thanks Z

  16. you’re amazing, great body AND pesonality! a pleasure to watch.

  17. whoa!
    sweat all over face!!
    4 rounds + 2 walks!

  18. <3

  19. 4 rounds!
    but had to “run” the last 2 steps!

  20. yeah boobs everywhere :) 

  21. So glad I found you again!!! Love your set up now it shows the whole workout insstead of just peices

  22. oh i know, those were a killer for me. I could barely lift my legs they were quivering something awful. They were teeny tiny baby marches XD barely anything.

  23. 5 rounds. I added 3 extra minutes and made it 15 total. i stopped after the first 5 minutes and took a breather. Then I stopped about 5 minutes later and took a water break and then finished it up.

  24. with other words, you finally have back your wanking material…:-)

  25. I missed u girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. You inspire me to keep moving!