Exercise | A Parent’s Guide with Mr. Arturo Trejo | PBS Digital Studios

Exercise | A Parent's Guide with Mr. Arturo Trejo | PBS Digital Studios

Sit up, push up or give up! Keep your kids in tip top shape with these excellent exercise tips from Mr. Arturo Trejo. Plus, in this week’s bonus footage, you find out the REAL sound a dog makes. What issues would you like Arturo to flawlessly explain? Tell us in the comments below! For more A Parent’s Guide with Mr. Arturo Trejo, subscribe to our channel: www.youtube.com To watch last week’s episode (again) about traveling, click here: youtu.be Show Mr. Arturo Trejo some love and visit his channel: www.youtube.com Check out our new parenting series, Helicopter Mom: youtu.be Find new and cool web series at PBS Digital Studios’ Channel: www.youtube.com And remember, if this has ever happened to you, you’re doing it wrong!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Exercise | A Parent’s Guide with Mr. Arturo Trejo | PBS Digital Studios”

  1. You’re such a cool dad, Arturo. JL is going to have so many amazing childhood memories, and most will be on video for his kids to enjoy, as well! I’m sure they’re going to crack up with Grampa Arturo’s antics! :)

  2. Aw..i love JL

  3. xD rollin hard core…. BRILLIANT! *mexican midget car—>MY FAV=Kudos!

  4. 1:37 Translation error. Actually he says, no Daddy I’m cool. Just like Eric Cartman

  5. More Arturo!!!!! (even though he’s moving out of California again). Please! = )

  6. He’s going to be a stud… just saying… and a lady’s man(:.

  7. 2:16 MY EYESSSS hahaha

  8. more arturo

  9. 0 dislikes? way to go! These vids are awesome arturo! :)

  10. joef joef

  11. yoof yoof yoof!

  12. adriana villanueva Reply December 3, 2012 at 9:39 am

    La cucaracha ♪♫♪♫, la cucaracha ♪♫♪♫, ya no puede caminar ♪♫♪♫, hahahahaha JL’s car jajaja

  13. This video should have a lot more than 17,000 views. I almost died laughing after reading “Diet non-dairy gluten-free soy based sugar free Styrofoam Wafers Lite”. Keep up the great work!

  14. Way to go Arturo! Another awesome vid.

  15. Loved it! You need your own show lol

  16. 1500 likes! and not a single dislike, wonderful :) 

  17. JL is getting big. Growing, not fat.

  18. JL with the dog.awww!

  19. we found a place where there is no dislikes dont tell anyone

  20. LMAO, i kept replaying the part where you Zumba

  21. youf youf XD

  22. :) yoof yoof

  23. Trejo Tursday!

  24. jose luis’s laugh could cure cancer.

  25. arturo is THE BEST