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Hannibal & Hit 2 calisthenics experts educate you on a few pull-up exercises they personally use to help develop strong back,arms & abs you can incorporate these exercises into your own current fitness programs. ATTENTION: CHECK OUT OUR “CLASH OF THE BAR TITANZ CONTEST” We will also be providing you with any advice, fitness tips, etc so feel free to ask us questions, thanks for watching, LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT.

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37 Responses to “Fit Tip What is Diabetes and have a Healthier Life with Diabetes through Fitness”

  1. Very helpful video, well defined and great advice. Keep it up!

  2. Nice Diet Info on your site . look forward to more vids

  3. Good advice :) Be well. Alycia

  4. Diabetes can run in the family simply because most exercise and eating habits are passed down to children and so on. You may be predisposed, but if someone in your family has diabetes, that does not confirm that you will acquire it.  Stay fit, keep bodyfat low (which is essential), eat balanced, stay away from processed or high sugar foods and get checked regularly….YOU are in control of your life, health and future! Be well. Alycia

  5. Wonderful….hope you keep watching :) Be well. Alycia

  6. Thank you..hope you keep watching…a new show every Mon, Wed & Fri :)  Be well. Alycia

  7. A bit higher….I hope you exercise and eat well :) Be well. Alycia

  8. I am glad you found this information beneficial. I will continue to cover topics for special conditions. Be well. Alycia

  9. Very interesting video and of really concern to us all…I really am worried and would love to hear more about minimizing the odds of getting diabetis or doing the best with living with it …
    Love & Kisses

  10. I’m diabetic type 1 and from Canada….but I would say… around 55 000$ per year? lol

  11. I luv ur channel!

  12. Great video thank you for sharing. Saving this video right now :-) .

  13. yes it is hereditary, but it doesn’t mean you’ll get it. it’s more that you’re genetically predisposed to it, given the right circumstances. It runs in my family too, my grandmother, her sister and her children and grandchildren have all got it. my uncle also had it and he’s just died from it, So far it’s missed my dad and me, but I can see my brother getting it because of his lifestyle.

  14. Is Diabetes hereditary? A lot of people in my family have Type 2 diabetes and I want to do everything I can to prevent myself getting diabetes in the future but I often hear people say that staying away from sugar still won’t prevent it if it runs in the family?!

  15. overhand grip= above

  16. how do you guys get the 8 pack????

  17. I have a question about thumb position. Should it be above or under the bar

  18. Eat 5 times a day…veggies and protien, no supplements. eat frequently and healthy

  19. the secret to muscle is not supplements, its proper eating! dont waste ur money, the same nutrition u can get from supplements, u can get it and more with proper eating

  20. Hannibal the King 4 Life ^^”

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  22. Do you guys take any supplements at all or none at all? Just curious! thanks for the vids.

  23. these guys gonna be fit for life

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  25. There are videos on Youtube of white guys doing similar stuff. Search “ghetto workout Odessa” for starters. There are many others. Expand your mind. Eliminate your ignorance.

  26. always with the race comments….. muscle knows no race. strip the skin off, every athlete and bodybuilder would look the same. just red and white muscle.

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  30. There are 3 genotypes:
    Caucasoid, Mongloid, Negroid

    There’s a difference in athletic ability and intelligence. I’ll let you do your own research on why negroids tend to be better sprinters but are horrid in swimming.

  31. gotta get some deadlifts in then son!

  32. yeah, you’ll look better if you do what they do, don’t victimize yourself just cause your white

  33. Clearly due to my superior knowledge of genetics compared to yours, this indicates that i am most likely of a higher class and most likely wealthier demographic. Hence i probably have more money than you. Inb4 i went to princeton, i earn 200k a year, im a lawyer, my parents are millionaires, etc

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  35. So’s Ronnie Coleman!  What’s your point! You’ve proven nothing. Muscles stretch and contract, that’s what they do. Work them out, they grow. Very simple. Nothing to do with ethnicity. You have a hollow argument. Your type of thinking is what led to the pseudoscience of the “bell curve” go join David Duke on his channel with your baseless logic and wallow in your ignorance together like peas in a pod.

  36. your arguments are getting weaker and weaker, and you are spending more and more time on calling me a troll

  37. I’m talking about natural athletes bro…clearly Arnold and Dorian are on the juice