Fitness Milestone – A Popular Unique Fitness Way Check out the Fitness Milestone founded by fitness expert Ryan DiCooper.

Center Bounce, Star Jump and Squats — A perfect workout routine for a bouncy, sweaty, fitness workout.

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23 Responses to “Fitness Milestone – A Popular Unique Fitness Way”

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  2. Nice job cameraman ;]

  3. all that i learned is that her tits are nice. :P

  4. u should try wearing a small bikini

  5. Next series: Bra 2 sizes too big, and let’s see how many views that gets.

  6. Sexy!

  7. Sexy but no purpose at all for the work out. But she is hot i’ll give her that.

    Hotness rating 10/10
    Workout knowledge .0001/10

  8. I learned that search results are misleading and my left hand tires easily

  9. Wait? What?! So… this isn’t Porn Hub?

  10. what does bikini has to do with that exercise….oh i see, so that we people can see how each body part reacts right ???

  11. By the time she finishes her boobs will reduce size :(

  12. Wow, I didn’t learn anything from this.
    Come to think of it… I don’t think ANYONE learned anything from this.

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  19. I hope you din’t hurt yourself when you fell down to Earth…..

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  23. do people really watch for the workout or the girl who exercises in her bra? O_O