Fitness Show – Fitness Babes Workouts: 3 Dip Variations

3 Dip Variations — Spread your Legs and Dip it in Boys. Let me know what else would you like me to do for you. Leave a comment below.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Tim Ferriss 4-Hour Body Kettlebell Swing:

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50 Responses to “Fitness Show – Fitness Babes Workouts: 3 Dip Variations”

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  26. This is a GREAT demonstration of how to do the swing properly! Bend from the HIPS, do NOT squat down!

  27. I love your kettlebell exercises. I’ve recently purchased 99KettlebellWorkouts and it is the best workout I’ve ever did.. Thx man!

  28. Nice break down and teaching points

  29. Hi, thank you so much for such an awesome video!!!. How heavy must the kettlebell?. How many reps are recommended?. And maybe a silly question: which brand are your pants?, they look very confortable to workout, please I hope you don’t mind to answer. Thanks!

  30. Train by day, Joe Rogan podcast by night. All day!

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  32. 3:03 Sounds like someone couldn’t finish properly.

  33. LOL gotta love the link in the description to a typically expensive kettlebell as the video cuts off the cheap way to go about it.

  34. @tvsnlms yes. It was tough when I was working out hard and no muscles were coming in my thin body. btw! I heard it from one of my body builder friend, that you can use this method to gain big muscles. i’ve heard legal action is already underway but you can get them for now from here >

  35. chirs cochrane swing video is the best in my opinion

  36. Hey tim, just heard you on the joe rogan podcast (train by day!) and because of that bought your book. i know its the 4 hour body, but i have no problem working out 6 days a week for 1 hour+. im currently doing p90x and just wondering if i can keep doing it and do your style of training/nutrition. also, is skim milk (especially for my protein shakes) okay to drink because i heard your diet almost eliminates dairy.

  37. Gracias Tim! Un abrazo!

  38. Hi Tim, my apologies in advance for my english. I bought your book and thought of doing the kettle bellworkout. But while following your explanations in mind and now watching your video one question occurs for me as a physiotherapist. Since I can hyperextend my knees for me the thrust looks like somewhat heavily damaging to the joint structures.  I have a solid quadriceps so I don’t fear this very much but have you noticed or heard of any kind of problem with that?

  39. insideoutfarmington Reply October 3, 2012 at 10:25 pm

    Hey, Tim, I just want to make sure I understand the alternating A – B workouts for gaining mass (over the 28 days),
    1. that you mean to only do ONE set of each workout, and

    2. That 5/5 count means five seconds down and five seconds up.

    And that’s ALL you do for that workout day, until your next alternate day.

  40. I started out with three days, then two, then one day per week. I added a door jam pull up bar and kettlebell swings which I use at home to do some PRN cross training. The rest is running, biking, surfing etc. etc. But if you like the gym and have the time I think two days would be just fine, and you will get some benefit out of this. It really depends on your schedule and what other activities you like to do.

  41. i forgot to ask, do you think that training 2 times per week occam just like tim ferriss say its better than training just 1x per week as described in body by science its better or more efficient than another, or does tim ferris split the training in two days so that way you don feel like you are not training in the right way, in the book says that its because this way can be more intense and i was wonder about that, if i was going to do just two exercises would be more intense. i wonder

  42. wow, i didnt think that i was doing the same kind of workout, for some reason i always tought that kettlebell was just like cardio, then i have just another question and if i can no longer use kettlebell swings everyday because its strenght training and we need recovery time for that, but can i use kettlebell swings with tabata for cardio training everyday like 3 rounds per day, if i start doing tabata would that damage my muscle gain obtained with occam so many workouts so little time haha

  43. Absolutely, in fact I put together a variation of Occam’s Protocol using optional kettlebell swings.. I call it THE BIG 8 WORKOUT and it is what I do once a week. I posted it on the blog but was unable to link to it here. Just search Big 8 Workout.

  44. helo guys recently i am using occam protocol to train once per week but i wonder if i can play with the kettlebell to and if this kettlebell workout will not stop the benefits of occam, should i only train occam or its okay to play with kettlebell swings once a week to, does kettelbell works in the same way that weight lifting does or can i use kettlebell just like a regular sports just to spend some energy and not as weightlift routine. thanks

  45. Sorry I did not see you had left a comment…. To Answer: yes and no.. how heavy is your kettlebell? Your hip flexors do attach to your lower spine so sometimes this can cause low back pain even if you are doing it correctly. But it also could be from poor mechanics. Start with a low weight until you get the hang of it an then build up. This will give your muscles time to get acquainted with the exercise as well.

  46. you are probably not thrusting up with your hip flexors and may be using your upper body and back extenders to complete the swing. You should be in a squat position, start swinging like a pendulum (not hunched over) and then as you build momentum thrust your pelvis forward and up. The first several days of this I also had back pain, but I could tell when I was doing it better as this subsided. Send us a video of your swing and maybe I can help.

  47. I’ve bought the book and-followed this vid. I’ve been doing it and is it supposed to feel a little bit like a squat!? I’m also noticing a weeny bit of pain in my lower back I’m sure I’m doing something Wrong. the thing I don’t understand is in the book it says something about this helping your arms but I Dont see it that much. Again im sure I’m doing this Wrong

  48. Hi, I’m a reasonable fit 6ft 180ibs adult male who has used kettlebells before I read 4H body. I use a 8kg warm up weight & 16kg for my workout for up to 50 reps. If Tim Ferris can do 70 reps with a 24kg weight, he is really strong IMHO. Start small, just a suggestion.

  49. I am doing the kettlebell swing for 2 days now, but I seem to have some really small pains in my back,can that mean that I dont do the excersice right?

  50. You do not need to balance out your meals at all. By spreading it out through the day you will still be getting your mix of macro and mico-nutrients. Just do what comes naturally to you and works with your routine. That is my advice.