Fitness Show – Fitness Workouts: Hip Flexes

This exercise will help you stretch and do a split. Use it after or before a workout.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Zuzana Light - ZWOW #37 Just Add Water!

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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49 Responses to “Fitness Show – Fitness Workouts: Hip Flexes”

  1. are you a fitness trainer because i need a trainer adn was wondering if i could hire you :)

  2. mmMMMmm Dayum! Private lessons? ;) )

  3. 1:48 lingerie shoot, good idea, more lingerie workout vids, go!

  4. i was hoping she would take her pants off

  5. AlarminglyEnchanted Reply October 10, 2012 at 5:44 am

    i think she’s wearing two bras

  6. shes got a fucking nice rack who argees

  7. Great moves

  8. i am sure, no one is gonna do yoga after watching this video .

  9. What the fuck is her name??. She’s hot

  10. Will you marry me?


  12. plz more videos i cant wait to see ur new HOT exercises :)

  13. more videos

  14. I say this is the best video shes made yet:)

  15. I love you ! but always wear the short shorts please :) XXXXXXXXXX

  16. I ran a mile before breakfast!! All together now!!

  17. fanny bulge

  18. Ad block plus and firefox

  19. Miss seeing your pretty legs!

  20. Ad blocker?

  21. the advert was worth watching – you are CUTE !

    but livejasmin at the end ? lmao


  23. seems you have fun making those so thats good, keep em coming ;)

  24. wuhuhuhuu :D

  25. Where did you get your shoes? My girlfriend would love them.

  26. Thank you for this simple, yet intense workout. I am going to do this in the morning. I know I am a guy, but I want abs like yours.

  27. bring back gymboss timer….some variety in workouts would be great!!  :-)

  28. is this really the only workout she does? … just 12 minutes a day? and she looks like THAT ? :O

  29. Inspiring, yet distracting.

  30. up to how many possible calories i possibly burned?

  31. Thanks Zuz! That was awesome! But next time can you have a beep. I was doing it live time and I didn’t know when to stop my santanas…otherwise perfect!

  32. That just kicked my ass in 12 minutes! i’m a frequent gym goer and do HIIT videos on you tube, but this was better than any 12 minutes I’d had in any gym or by any trainer or any video! Thank you thank you thank you! I feel awesome! You are awesome!

  33. I always get tricked into believing the short workouts will be too easy…I should know by now that they’re the hardest of all! This one was great. Thanks, Zuzana!

  34. A very nice workout! I still haven’t got a timer, so for me it’s impossible. But I guess my legs would die! Also, for my back problems pushups aren’t too good, so I’d better do a bit more of abs.

  35. this is about as hard as the WARMUP for most insanity workouts…

  36. no fair its easier for her to do pushups she doesnt have to go down as far as i do!

  37. How long have you been training to reach this level?

  38. always looks easy…then it sneaks up on you and gets you!! wore me out!! thx for gaskin nh the tim he to breakdown the pc pushup.. I tweaked my back lady week trying to do many burpee reps…I think I didn’t have my back straight like you advised on the pushups…so now I’m going slower in the workouts, because I don’t want to miss any workouts. thx to you zuzka and your team for continuing to post awesome workouts..

  39. Hey Zuzana just wanted to asked what do you think would be a good recovery drink of food after you work out I try different things but always looking for different things to try? And bye the way I love your work outs my favorite is z wow #18.

  40. i think im in love :O

  41. that’s it. I just know she’s trying to kill me… or rather, she’s trying to kill my fat.

    Thank you!! I always love your workouts<3

  42. I like that you land gracefully, hard lands are bad for feet n knees:/

  43. My fave thing about you zuzka is that you rarely use equipment. Being a uni student and struggling to keep fit, you really make everything so easy and hard core!!! Thanks for everything! Keep it up! :)

  44. at first glance this doesnt look like much but it kicks your butt!… i’m drowning in sweat and I’m so out of breath. thanks zuz for another great workout

  45. this was really hard. 12 minutes of getting my butt kicked.

  46. oh zuzana… you make everything look so easy… lol

  47. You are so so inspiring!!!!! I adore you~

  48. Done!! So nice to back at your workouts!! They are amazing! Thanks for everything Zuzka!

  49. Hi Zuzanna, thank you for another great workout! I wasn’t in the mood for working out today at all but rocked it anyway and feel great now.
    Will your scores be on the new site for us to compare? :)