How Much PROTEIN Do You Need to Build MUSCLE?

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25 Responses to “How Much PROTEIN Do You Need to Build MUSCLE?”

  1. Guys! ! Did you heard about the Explosive Muscle Method (just google it)? My sis says it gets people stronger(:

  2. inner boobs looking great.

  3. those man titties are distracting the shit out of me…cover up son

  4. he died

  5. Whats up with showing your whole chest? why not take off the shirt then same thing..

  6. i weigh around 154 and i usually get around 77 grams of protein daily, that bad?

  7. the conclusion of this video seems to be 1 mg of protein to 1 lbs of one’s body weight.
    if I’ll tell my gym instructor this – he ‘s gonna bust my ass for eating so little amount of protein

  8. Where do you get your tank tops?

  9. white people cannot say nigga, nigga duh!

  10. Thanks for the great tips!

  11. I eat a lot of fish. Is that a good source of protein?

  12. YO have you looked into layne norton’s research?

  13. I read that the strength and conditioning association
    Or somethin like that reccomends .5 for the avg an .8 for full time athletes. I googled “how much protein do we really need

  14. I weigh 185 lbs at 5-10 and consume about 150-160 grams of protein a day? Is this enough? I’m not 8% bodyfat or anything so I don’t think I would need 210 grams. I seem to be getting a LOT stronger on squats and a little stronger on bench press.

  15. what do you think about the osteoporosis theory on consuming of too much protein?

  16. He will be coming back :)

  17. Eating 1gram per lb well I’m 190lbs so if I do 190g how do I eat that much and remain lean?

  18. how much protein do women need in order not to look skinny?

  19. hey man i love your videos and have a question, how many times a week would you recommend someone to workout for as a minimum. Also whats the name of that awesome song at the end? :)

  20. You are asian.. thaks cool. I have a lot of asian friends they are really funny and prolite. Where you from? As for the nutrition I would suggest enter to bodybuilding .co m and do the big man on campus. It will give you a lot of idea what you need. If you need any bodybuilding advice just send me a mensage and I will be glad to help you.

  21. nutrition data.s elf.c om
    I have been into bodybuilding long enogh to know this by memory but here is the page. I always try to help people cuz it is hard at begining. There are a lot of pages but this is one of my favorites when I do deep analysis to pro diet. Hope it helps clear things out.

  22. Please share your top 5 best books on fitness or even a video would be amazing. Thanks for making videos Omar thanks to you I’ve made all kinds of gains

  23. What do you think about soy protein?

  24. BoneCrusherJiuJitsu Reply September 22, 2012 at 3:44 am

    you answer all my questions man thanx