How To Be A Man

Need help with becoming a real man? This tutorial is just for you ; ) FACEBOOK: TWITTER: GOOGLE+ : WEBSITE:

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24 Responses to “How To Be A Man”

  1. dante daniel Lane Reply January 6, 2013 at 3:51 pm

    I only like spanisj and black girls if im your type visit my page i have a poem named single mothers and b ills thats me

  2. laylay thepumkinqueen Reply January 6, 2013 at 4:05 pm

    A green house is made of glass

  3. How to be a man:

    Be as swift as a coursing river

    Have all the strength of the great typhoon

    with the force of the raging fire

    mysterious as the dark side of the moon

  4. this nigga is funny

  5. Riddle could be glass but it could also be green bricks nice

  6. amd wheres my cheesecake?

  7. Riddle= glass

  8. Glass! :D

  9. Loving Leroy’s videos man! Too funny!

  10. I’m still waitin for the print out, and where’s my cheesecake!?!?

  11. Loved it! Made me laugh out loud on a day when I needed a laugh.

  12. Nice eyes

  13. it will be made of glass

  14. Green brickS

  15. I love this guy

  16. a greenhouse would be made of glass so the sun can shine thru and make the plants grow inside the house…or green bricks >_>

  17. I FINALLY SAW HIS EYES!! :O this was the most exciting thing that happened today..

  18. glass

  19. Pollution *d-dm Chhhh*

  20. Plants! Haha good riddle!!

  21. Glass

  22. this shit cracked me

  23. Either green bricks or green glass and filled with plants