How To Get Started On Your Fitness Journey

You decided you want to get fit and healthy…NOW WHAT?! Here are some easy/simple tips to get you going in the right direction follow me on my blog for ALL my tips:

Skinny guys: do NOT go to the gym until you watch this video! Hey ya’ll! thanks for tuning in today, Now I know it can seem very difficult to put on weight at times, but I want to assure you that not only is it possible but you can actually do it very quickly. We’re going to see some of the challenges that you’re are facing and how we can overcome them now and today. Press play and watch the video, and start applying these easy to follow tips now. Video Breakdown 0:23 Discussion Topics for lack of weight gain -Not eating Enough // How we can solve this problem -Your workouts // 1:14 Not eating enough OK, the best advice that I can truly give you is that you need to eat more then what you are currently. Now, I don’t want to hear,”but I eat so much Mike that it’s crazy, Mike you don’t understand”. The truth of the matter is that you still need to eat more. Your body burns everything in your system so there is usually nothing left to grab on to. You need to make sure your body has something to grab on to. 2:03 Tip #1 // Start eating your favorite foods. I know they might not be healthy, but I just want you to develop the habit of always putting something in your mouth. Now, once you develop that habit while doing this then you must switch over to getting all of your calories, and nutrients from REAL good foods. 4:07 Tip #2 // Eat dessert Best time to do so is actually during post workout. The goal is to put on weight and not worry about eating right

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35 Responses to “How To Get Started On Your Fitness Journey”

  1. You spelled funeral wrong in your caption down below, just letting you know =]

  2. Eating is no problem for me, but I just really cannot get into exercise. Maybe it’s just not my thing? I like riding my bike and like rock climbing but I cannot imagine doing it everyday. :/ I don’t know what to do.

  3. thank you :) 

  4. Can you talk about Zumba more? Did you ever see results from it? I’d much appreciate your answer! :)

  5. Eating is where I’m struggling. I’m on my second round of beach body’s Insanity, but although I’ve lost a fair amount of inches, I’m not having the results I want/could have because I can’t get my eating on track! I’ve been vegan for 9 months now and absolutely love it! The only problem is that I have a lot of trouble eating all my calories a day with GOOD food! I’m trying to eat to my BMR+workout calories but it’s just so much to fill with healthy vegan foods!

  6. You’re so gorgeous and inspiring! Thank you for this video!

  7. well i am super exciting for you!

  8. Thank you! I’m definitely taking your advice on starting with my diet and then exercising. I’m having huge issues with my eating habits-/3

  9. i love you i love you i love you

  10. Thank you for this video, these are so inspirational, can’t wait to use your advice in real life!

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  13. ask for a toilet break and go shove pre made meal down. profit.

  14. if you are still in a school where you get two meals then you are probobly too young to get any musle mass

  15. at first when i was young like around 11 years old i was somewhat fat but as i grew older i became very skinney should i gain more weight or should just start working out now by the way im 14 now and i just started going to the weight room at my school

  16. hey what about kids, every day at school you get only 2 meals???

  17. Consciousness13454 Reply October 27, 2012 at 11:31 pm

    This is crazy watch this video!

  18. eat more food….

  19. LOL. “I want you to get in the habit of putting something in your mouth every two hours”. hahaha Mike Chang, you da best!

  20. Omg im in love :) im a girl and all my life ive been skinny. Lately ive been eating junk food plus regular meals. Ive gained about 15lbs in 4 ir5 months. My skinny jeans dont feel so skinny lol but my arms still look like twigs. Im going to follow your advice and let you know hoq it. Goes

  21. mike changs easily the coolest asian ever

  22. Mmnkay!

  23. Uuuhhhggg!! *Vomits* Ohhh…that is sooo bad. Wait…uuggh…*Vomit again* Lol :D

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  26. What workouts are you doing

  27. EAT BIG MACS!!!!

  28. @burros2790 You have to start bench pressing a lot more if aren’t already

  29. lol…i think you should watch this video again with a translater at your side…lmao

  30. I’m not skinny, but I sure like the idea of Mike telling us to eat a shit load of junk food. XD

  31. You drank bleach. Uh huh.

  32. MMKAY

  33. i ate everything and drank a bottle of bleach and got really sick, i blame u

  34. yes you dumb fuck