How to Measure body fat percentage – calculator – P90X

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24 Responses to “How to Measure body fat percentage – calculator – P90X”

  1. If you seriously want to get ripped, you should search Google for “MAD Ripped Muscle”. That might help you get the body you deserve.

  2. Yes.

  3. Best to do this first thing when you wake up? because your gut may be fatter with food or water retention would build as you eat and drink through the day

  4. looool total lier whats the point? fail!

  5. The key is to be consistent in how much skin you grab so that you can determine if you’re losing body fat as you progress each week.

  6. This doesn’t seem right. Couldn’t she have just grabbed a bigger/wider slab of skin? This seems like quite the guestimate.

  7. Chuck Norris

  8. For the simple 1 that you can do on your own, surely 1 measurement isn’t enough to determine your body fat? Only reason I mention it is i’ve been on a course where they discuss body fat percentage and readings and was now thinking it would have to be in more areas of your body to get an overall body fat percentage.

  9. Awesome! And sorry to hear that. :/ I’m happy to help!

  10. no thats really bad!
    im 9 and 7 feet tall with 60 inch biceps and i bench 6000 lbs

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  12. it’ll be easier for you if you go to a gym near you if possible. sometimes you’ll find machines that calculate body fat % or an instructer who can help you out.

  13. I joined your facebook page so does following the diet plan …
    thanks for making all free .. there are lot of junk guys on youtube and facebook ask money, I spent around $200 and didnt get anything .. I wish I found this video earlier.

  14. thanks tons ..
    what should be my next step ? do you have facebook page ?

  15. Thanks! I got my abs from P90X. :) I have my transformation up my channel. Also, come check out my website! I am a coach that will be more than willing to help you develop a six pack with P90X! mysymfitness . com

  16. good tutorial .. I bought this stuff from amazon.
    whole time I was so inspired with your abs .. rock hard… how did you get it ?

  17. daim its hard bro

  18. Sweet vid! I got a quick question im 14 i am a body builder my uncle was the biggest arm wrestler in the world and i just needed to know if my wieght was good im 159 lbs i dont have abs but i have enormous biceps i bench 205 curl 120 and leg press 950-1000 lbs i only got the first 4 abs my bottoms barley show please let me know if my weight is good

  19. his stomach looks too big, makes him look fat

  20. what if we are under the age of 18… is there a chart where us teenagers can look at or do we just simply follow the 18-20 year old section of the chart?

  21. Appreciate the positive feedback!

  22. Thanks for the compliment!

  23. Amazon . com! :) 

  24. @26alexther no u can’t. I had to buy it off of amazon too