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25 Responses to “INSANITY WORKOUT| DAY 1: FIT TEST MY EXPERIENCE-chichidOll143”

  1. @bosslady1o1 You should!! It’s great!!

  2. i wanna try this 

  3. @UniQueLeeMade Thanks Hun!! It is a killer workout.

  4. OMGEEE.. This was so me today!! Kudos to you girl bc I doing it in private where no one could see but you’re so open about it. I may do one within a week or so!!

  5. Thank you!

  6. I know you can definitely do it Hun..keep us updated

  7. Aww thank you! Good luck to you as well. Keep me updated :)

  8. this is my first day starting, many Blessings to you…you look Pretty and you did such a good job~

  9. @ibifere21 thank you!

  10. You look GREAT!!!

  11. @STEPnREPEAT Lol thank you! I’m tryibg

  12. @noko3300 Thank you!

  13. kudos for trying! something is better than nothing.

  14. You go girl! work it out! :D

  15. @ESBEAUTII Lol thank you! :)

  16. lol I did not know u were so tall an ur funny too!

  17. @Lovedone256 Thank you so much!!! You should try insanity!!! I love it!

  18. That’s good u lost ten pounds. I’m 5’9 and way about 185 and want to lose about 10 and tone my stomach up. I’ll think I’ll try the insanity after I lose the 10. But u did good.

  19. Yess that is what it is!!! Thank you.

  20. Thank you so much!

  21. Wow, you go ossai22!!! You can do it!! :)

  22. Awww thank you hun! I appreciate the love :)

  23. Aww thank you so much! Exercise with me :)

  24. Yes it is! Thanks for the encouragement. Good luck on your workouts!!

  25. at 11:39, I believe they’re called squat thrusts or ‘burpees’. I love doing them! Great job.