My 3 Best Tips For Six Pack Abs – Six Pack Shortcuts

How to get six pack abs: Hey Guys! In todays episode I am going to tell you buys my 3 best tips for getting abs! Here they are… #1… Dont spend too much time working out your abs. Your abs are actually a really small muscle so it just doesnt take that much time to work them out properly. Seeing your abs is all about body fat percentage… not the amount of crunches you do. Burning body fat has NOTHING to do with doing ab exercises. If you have too much body fat and cant see your abs you should be switching up your diet, and doing functional cardio workouts. #2… Work your abs from all 3 angles. You have your tops abs, bottom abs, and your sides (obliques). YOu will see your top abs first, obliques second, and your lower abs last. This is normal so dont get discouraged, just remember you have to do specific exercises to hit all 3 areas of your abs. Check out the Six Pack Shortcuts Channel for great abs exercises if you dont know any. #3… Be patient… You can not get abs over night. Remember to have your abs show you need to get to 10 percent body fat or lower through proper diet and exercise. If you are at 20 percent body fat now, dont expect to see a ripped six pack in just a week or two… but you can do it you just have to set goals for yourself and stay consistent. And if you’re REALLY serious about getting abs, watch this free video now: I show you how I used to be FAT for years until I discovered Afterburn Training
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25 Responses to “My 3 Best Tips For Six Pack Abs – Six Pack Shortcuts”

  1. heard u was caught using afterburn after practise

  2. Yeah for sure! I’m 16 and was a tubby kid now I’m starting to see my abs :D

  3. @duvwphb yep i agree. even i was very sad since i workout well for abs but nothing was coming. And I heard that most of the celebrities used to follow to kill their belly using this 7 food items. worth watch here now =>

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    Authors: Maya W. Paul Melinda Smith M.A. and Jeanne Segal Ph. D. Last updated: September 2012.

  5. Well what about if my abs are really small?

  6. Yea :) I was ripped before this and i just started so i am waiting for results and im 13

  7. Hey can you message me back :) I am 13 im a boy and i need your help :) I am already ripped but i want to know how to hit certain muscles :)

  8. mmkay? :D 

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  10. does this work for teens?? like 13-18 year olds

  11. does this work for teens??

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  13. your body is so big and your head is so small!! great video! <3

  14. @sixpackshortcuts Mike, your ab work outs have huge results always have great results for me but i always have to flex to show my abs . any work outs that can help me have abs with out flexing? LIKE SO MIKE CAN SEE THIS?

  15. check out my videos on how to get abs with the right diet

  16. ha thanks man

  17. thanks for the coment ill check out your videos

  18. HEY man…click on my channel to see an extremely shredded teen bodybuilder…click NOW…you will not regret it…

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