My Healthy Snacks & Eating Tips {Recipes}

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25 Responses to “My Healthy Snacks & Eating Tips {Recipes}”

  1. did you know that the seaweed thingy is a korean food, and they eat that with some rice!!lol ive seen many americans eating the seaweed as a snack. and the thing is… it IS actually healthy!(:

  2. Eram sigura ca esti din Moldova !:)

  3. i like the way how this girl talks soo smart!:) & motivating

  4. thanks for the salad recipe! i have made it a bunch of times and absolutely love it! thanks so much!

  5. melba toast :-) 

  6. I’m a tomato fanatic too:)

  7. whateves…usa foods rock!!!!

  8. Could you do a workout video on how you stay so fit?

  9. bookclubforbooklover Reply October 9, 2012 at 7:41 pm

    u need:Greek cheese(forgot name)
    tomato juice
    lettuce/salad leaves/both
    salt(sea salt will b more healthy but u know…lol)
    first u need to cut up all the salads,tomatoes,cucumbers,etc and make sure a pan is drizzled with olive oil/cooking oil.
    Put the salad,etc into the pan and with a spoon(optional,I sometimes just use my hand)& ur hand or just spoon or just hand move the salad,etc around for like two mins then add salt,keep going 4 2mins then add tomato juice

  10. bookclubforbooklover Reply October 9, 2012 at 7:42 pm

    Hi,I make tht salad like loads too!!Sometimes I replace some things with others but u know…i eat like loads of salads a day.Here is one of them,i did not know which one to share so i chose this,hopefully u or anyone who reads this commebt will like it.

  11. bookclubforbooklover Reply October 9, 2012 at 8:21 pm

    am i the only one who is picky about their juices?I mean in a healthy way

  12. bookclubforbooklover Reply October 9, 2012 at 9:02 pm

    i am half filipino half british and although Philippines is a third world country it has,in a way healthier food than Uk.I mean it has its junk foods,but ppl tht live in Philippines know their country does not hv tht much money so they try and stay as healthy as posdible
    -from a 17 year old gal
    btw although most filipinos hv dark eyes i hv grey-green eyes.My hair is dark though,it is dark brown with natural midnight black highlights :)

  13. you mean crackers :D

  14. Heyy! Love this video…can you put more up about health and fitness :)

  15. v8 is all artificial.

  16. dried seaweed is gross

  17. My dad drincks tomato juice too :P

  18. This was so helpful thank you! I’m gonna try my best to change my eating habits :)

  19. activia products are not actual yogurt but something called “yogurt dessert” (at least in greece) and they are less nutritional they also have additional ingredients like colorants, glucose, aspartamem milk powder and Es

  20. I live in Seoul now and I am curious if those big packs You even get in Daiso are the same!? Are they roasted? Flavored? Thanks xx

  21. Thanks for the health tips, keep posting videos.


  22. kleinschmitterling Reply October 10, 2012 at 1:59 am

    I am from Southamerica and the first time I went abroad I missed my food so much…I got so excited when I saw tomato juice in the menu of a restaurant. To my surprise that juice was made out of the tomatoes we use for salads or cooking only. In Colombia, we have a different kind of tomato for juice and we call it “tree tomato” because it grows in trees. It is soooo gooood!…I still miss it.

  23. Oh and you’re not alone, I am OBSESSED with tomatoes too lol

  24. Holy crap that salad looks incredibly delicious!!!! Omg I want one lol

  25. Evelina! I am korean, and so dried seaweed is a staple food for my family :) If you go to an asian market, you can buy a box of those seaweed packages, and there will be about 20-30 packages in there, and it will cost anywhere from $5-9 :) You are paying way too much for your seaweed!!!!