NASA Cancels The Apocalypse, The GravityLight, Samsung Sexy Santa Ad

Today on The Daily Brief we find out what NASA thinks of the end of the world theory, we look at the GravityLight and we check out a Samsung ad with Mrs. Claus sending a sex video to Santa. NASA cancels the end of the world: GravityLight: Samsung Santa sex video ad: Your viral video of the day: AskMen: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Foursquare: Let us know know your opinions by commenting below!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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38 Responses to “NASA Cancels The Apocalypse, The GravityLight, Samsung Sexy Santa Ad”

  1. ya it’s not like anyone watches porn on a I-device ,oh wait that’s all their good for……

  2. viral video was pretty awsome!!!

  3. Grandma’s kitteh calendar only goest to December 31st! END OF THE WHIRLED!! OH NOES!!!! o.o

  4. Chloe…Im diggin That Shirt and You’re Lookin pretty as always

  5. The Gravity light is pretty awesome! Man there are some smart people in this world!

  6. Droid DNA and/or the JayBird’s Blue Buds X…. those are the two things I want pretty bad.

  7. stock up just in case

  8. chloeeeeeee !!!!!!! gravity light sound good … and i like the spiritual love t shirt ;)

  9. Just when i thought she couldnt get any hotter

  10. My bad, Cycle

  11. Are you trying to say Circle or Cycle?

  12. Why would they tell us if it did end becuz people will go crazy

  13. The Mayans didnt predicted the end of the world, just the end of a cicle.

  14. Sexy i want u

  15. Very good! Make it a little harder. I’ve completed the insanity workout and this seems like resting a little from such a brutal workout. I love your workouts still, they target the problem areas!!!

  16. Zuzana also has breast implants. Just saying.

  17. OMG! The Mule kicks were HARD! And the best from me, that I can better to do. So 5 rounds also with you made! Thanks Zuzka! <3

  18. This Is My Chick!! The Other One Just Looks So WRONG!!

  19. OMG I found U!?! I thought it was so sad that u didn’t continue your workouts on your own. I’m so happy to see that you have! and with great success too! There has been so many changes on BR, I’m always so confused! I miss you running the workouts and the site! Not sure what happened with you guys, and it’s none of our business, but I am so happy to see you both continuing to do what your both so passionate about. I wish you all the best Zuzana! I will definitely be a Zuzana Light girl now!

  20. It’s dirt from the ground!! Look closely at 0:21 she doesn’t have them… and by 4:46 they appeared just after she adjusted her top, coincidence?? lol!!

    Besides, some of us got bruises just by the effort of working out… don’t really know why, but that’s the story of my life: bruises on weird places for no apparent reason :/

  21. I have the same question!! I’ve been doing 3 zwows a week (a different vid each day) and alternating with yoga and running the other 3 days… but I want to know, would it be better to just stick to the zwows every day (better for losing weight, and gain lean muscle)?

  22. 4 rounds :( but don’t giving up. I will do it again at night !!!!! :D

  23. 6 rounds. 

  24. 5 rounds + 10 mule kicks!

  25. missed you zuzana & i also miss how u would talk to the camera you have a GREAT personality and im bummed out that u dont show it on the videos hope u consider adding a pep talk in your new videos luv ya!!

  26. lifeisbeautifulxoxo1 Reply December 21, 2012 at 2:50 am

    The intro video to Side Jump Lunge is the same as Mull kick.

  27. haa, subbed!

  28. 9 rounds and seven mule kicks. Brutal. I’m covered in sweat!

  29. ahh here we go…bodyrock just really sucks so much now. good thing i found you here.

  30. 6rounds+ 4 mule kicks!

  31. Awesome, finally found your new work outs!! BR is not the same without you. Your new works are great, Very motivating, just wish I could get my hubby into them. He goes to the gym but need to try some of your wonderful workouts!

  32. this was a great work out.. i did 10 rounds in 20 mins with a 10 min break in between the second go at it… so i am now completely swimming in a pool of sweat

  33. Wow that was killer! 5 rounds x(

  34. Get a heart rate monitor and you can program it with your weight etc. and it will calculate your calorie burn during the workout. You can find good ones at academy or places like that Mio makes a reasonable one that has no chest strap. Hope this helps you, happy working out!

  35. 5 rounds + 7 mule kicks!

  36. where can i get those pants?!?! I’ve looked everywheree!

  37. are you suppose to do a video for one week then move on to the other videos?

  38. 5 rounds and 7 mule kicks !
    omg sweat like hell!