No Squat Workout for Butt and Thighs – Leg Workout without Squats or Lunges

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25 Responses to “No Squat Workout for Butt and Thighs – Leg Workout without Squats or Lunges”

  1. Buy the 8 week exercise planner by Fitness Blender :) 

  2. What a workout, my ass and thighs are screaming lol thank you again!!!

  3. I watch your video really motivates me. Bow I have a skinny legs & I want to work this thing out to have a big legs.. Any suggestion please..

  4. We have another squatless workout, make sure & check it out :)

  5. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS VIDEO. I have a knee syndrome, so I was never able to do lunges and squats in your videos because it would trigger it. I’m really happy I found this, thanks guys!

  6. Hi, I watched your videos, you really make me want to exercise. I’ve been trying to get rid of those fat on my thigh, butt and stomach and also trying to lose some weight for a while. Is there any suggestion of which video should I start with, or I can just pick any of the vid that focus on those area?

  7. You guys are awesome! Thank you so much!

  8. I have a bad lower back and I can’t do the flutter/scissor kicks because my doctor told me it wasn’t the best idea, is there anything I can do instead of those exercises or should I just skip them?

  9. Try our lower body stretching workout videos.

  10. How can I increase the flexibility in my legs?

  11. Do cardio daily + strength training 3-4x/week.

  12. Hey I just watched some of your videos and I was wondering how I can do a full body toning and how often. I have pretty big thighs and a muffin top that really needs to go and really weak arms.

  13. This is the best workout ive come across. recently my knees have given out and this is going to help me get my SEXY BACK! Thank you :) twitter- DivaPinks facebook- RamosPhotography3

  14. Best compliment ever!

  15. The flutter kicks kicked my butt! This was the most challenging for me! Thanks for another great video.

  16. We are always forever grateful for people who share our videos! Thank you.

  17. This workout was kick ass! thanx!!! will plug your channel to all of my friends and fam!!!

  18. You should do a combo of our cardio, upper body, lower body & core. You can’t spot reduce, you have to tone up allover.

  19. I want to Slim down and tone my thighs and abdomen. Which work outs of yours should I do and how many times a week?

  20. How many days or months will we see the result? O.o

  21. Everyone please share these with your friends, I am trying to get Fitness Blender live. And subscribe to their channel…THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) b) :-* show them SUPPORT.

  22. Thank you soo much for this!! I can REALLY feel this one working(: And for another video, you should do a warm up one. Showing us a warm-up to do for these kind of exercises. That would be awesome! Thanks for putting all these vids up for everyone to use :D

  23. Try our Curvy Body Workout, Bust Booster, and any of our lower body workouts while holding onto weights.

  24. i want bigger hips and bigger butt iwasnt a hour glass figure can you please tell me which work out is good for me ?

  25. this kicked my butt. I am runner and yogi