Recorded First Live Show Now!!!

BUY TMINMUSCLEWORKOUT (TMW) BODYBUILDING GYM SHIRTS US Customers SHOP HERE: IF YOU DON’T LEAVE IN US SHOP HERE: LINKS TO HODGETWINS CHANNEL SHOP US Customers SHOP HERE: NON US Customers SHOP HERE: SINCE YOU ALL ALWAYS ASK SEE OUR RECOMMENDED SUPPLEMENTS: SUBSCRIBE TO ALL OUR CHANNELS INTERMITTENT FASTING CHANNEL MAIN CHANNEL NATURAL BODYBUILDING AND FITNESS CHANNEL RELATIONSHIP ADVICE CHANNEL LIKE US ON FACEBOOK Hey Man, Mike with Six Pack Shortcuts here, and I’ve got 1 weird tip to help you put on some weight fast. My tip is going to sound really weird but you’ve got to try it. It’s nothing like you’ve ever heard before. It’s going to show you how to save time, how to consume more and oh yeah Get Huge. When following my eating tip, make sure your doing our Six Pack Shortcuts workouts. This way the weight you gain will be pure muscle! Remember to take my “Eating Challenge” after watching this video, and share it with everyone. thanks so much and enjoy, In that video I show you the most common mistakes skinny guys make that prevent them from gaining muscle. And I show you what you can do instead to build the ripped, muscular body women love. If you’re tired of being skinny, you NEED to see this: Train hard, ~Mike PS Use this link to share with your friends on Facebook:

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49 Responses to “Recorded First Live Show Now!!!”

  1. if you go swimmin, you get some good lat-action, man

  2. Can’t when em all LoL!!!

  3. I like the cartoon!!! too funny!

  4. I have been trying to find out about intermitten fasting FOREVER!!! I have tried it before, but I can never make it the whole day. I wanna try again, but I’m scared my metab will shut down like everybody’s been sayin… WHEN DO YALL DO THE FASTING??? WHAT’S YOUR EATING SCHEDULE??? when is the time I should eat and not eat plz help!!!

  5. I am impressed that Keith can touch type and with Kevin ranting off in his ear lollll about Google, You Tube and Facebook…..

  6. Shut up

  7. damn… ur life must suck!

  8. 52:40 is even more Hilarious!!

  9. 49:30 is hilarious!!!!

  10. they look white but are black lol i though they are half white firstt

  11. nigger comments lol yall are so funny! keep up the good work!

  12. allll kaaaaaiiinddssss of gainssss

  13. 34:40 never laughed so hard in my entire life!

  14. even with the “fore head glaze”, still handsome!

  15. goddam touch typin ripped motherfucker! haha!

  16. the only thing white twins is when 1 dies the other 1 CRIES LIKE A BITCH

  17. the guy in the black shirt HYPE as FUCK !!!! Lmaoooo

  18. anything*

  19. google facebook and than’s youtube maaaan i cant say anithing more :D

  20. You guys are the greatest thing i have ever discovered. Knowledgable and fucking hilarious. Teaching me workouts and shit and making me work by abs with all the laughing I’m doing.

  21. “we doin all kinds of vide-” “PUERTO RICO” “Puerto rico?” “yeah puerto rico” “the fuc-” “MAN SHUT THE FUCK UP”

  22. hm i see what you guys do. idk which ones which, but the guy on the right (keith i think) talks more on askhodgetwins and stuff like that and the guy on the left (kevin i think) does more talking on live streams

  23. lonny washington-paige Reply September 5, 2012 at 4:03 am

    you all vascular like a caaawk

  24. Oh shit you got racist on the last bit… Fuck em igloos

  25. Kev: l00k @ dem lines..
    Keeth: It on the other side BITCH!

  26. Thank you much, great tips, been following your work out vid. my life is truly changing, seriously colossal thanks Sir Chang….sincerely 7OS7…..

  27. co-sign! It’s feasible to simultaneously lose weight (fat) and gain weight (muscle)… A lot of my clients achieve this with my fasting protocols… It can be difficult, but it’s very possible… you don’t necessarily need to gain weight to build muscle…that statement, in itself, is vague and too ambiguous …you don’t gain weight for muscle… you acquire more weight in the form of muscle by consuming adequate protein+ calories…simply, strive to gain muscle..not just eat a bunch of food

  28. Eat huge meals of pasta every 3 hours with a protein in it and weight gain guaranteed.

  29. You’re off to a great start! And it’s good you are being proactive and taking a step in the right direction. How long have you been eating at 2500 calories? You’ve only been lifting weights for a short while so you’ll need to keep at it for a little longer (a good resistance training program will get you about 2-5 lbs of muscle in 2-4 months)..I suggest you reduce your cardio significantly and focus on resistance exercise for hypertrophy..the continuous cardio is doing nothing for muscle gain

  30. Perform them on a bench…a skinny bench if possible.. the floor can work, however it limits your range of motion and doesn’t target the chest as effectively.. if your goal, however, is to increase your chest size, stick to dumbbell/barbell bench presses…even push ups will work almost as good… the purpose of fly’s is to increase flexibility and increase pulmonary capacity. If your set on doing fly’s, do “side to side” push ups…it isolates the muscles and is a great calisthenic alternative

  31. this is very simple my friend… simply eat more calorie dense foods and acquire an effective muscle building regime… depending on your goals, and time frame, you’ll want to begin eating and exercising in a particular fashion. Increase your dietary fat in order to increase the amount of calories for the day. It is best if you determine your maintenance calories for the day, and eat at that amount, or slightly above (10-20% above)..if you need specific numbers feel free to pm me

  32. hey im 5′ 11 130lbs and i run year round. Most of my friends are bigger thanme and i also want to gain some upper body mass, since im pretty skinny. I eat about 2500 calories a day. I started lifting about 2 weeks ago. Just dumbbell lifts, diffrent types push ups,ab workouts,and i continue lower body workouts i did earlier, switching offupper nd lower body every other dayand i run 6 to 12 miles a day. Do you think you could reply back with anything i mightbe doing wrong nd any tips? thanks

  33. i reckon u lie out ur ass on most of your videos

  34. wrong! Muscle is not “consumed” by the body first… during severe periods of calorie restriction, or during a short term fast, fat is consumed, period! Protein breakdown may be up-regulated by the body in which the body will slightly increase the amount of amino acids used in skeletal muscle tissue and your GI tract to create glucose, however LOSING your muscle is not something that happens! Assuming you’re in a glucose dominant metabolism, that is whats used first

  35. trust me he is, how are you so sure he isnt lol 

  36. can you help me i eat so much but because i have a high metabolism i dont gain any so is there any way for me to gain weight to build muscle?

  37. fat is consumed first when ‘starvation mode’ kicks in and the body turns to its energy stores for…energy
    don’t spread mis-information.
    muscle is consumed last.

  38. yeah I do exercise as well but I mean I’m not sure what I would be like if I had eaten slow my whole life with everything else the same.

  39. Mike, is dumbbell flys really better on the floor than on a bench? is it more effective like you said in the other video?

  40. I inhale my food

  41. I assume you mean cite my sources? Very reasonable request but at the same time its a rather well known fact. So how about you search for it on google and choose one of the many sites that will confirm this? If you don’t know what you’re talking about its best not to talk about it… just saying.

  42. how do i stop binge eating?

  43. im alien skinny like its scary .. and i eat all the time and i eat fast and i can not gain weight.. :(

  44. You have to add exercise to your eating

  45. yeah I’ve eaten food fucking fast my whole life, my girlfriend thought she ate fast and I finish meals before she gets half way haha but im really fit not sure what the effect of it has had on me though since I’ve done it my whole life.

  46. Because muscle is consumed by the body before fat. When you do not eat at least like 3 meals a day, your body will eat itself.

  47. No wonder I got fat I always eat fast

  48. It’s funny cause I’m eating mcdonalds while watching this lol nice vid though

  49. caloric deficit—> lower bf%—->effective core and abdominal exercises = “six pack”