Rockstar Health & Fitness – Episode 1 ft. Patrick Stump

Skee.TV presents Rockstar Health & Fitness, a new original Web series hosted by music industry executive & KIIS-FM yoga instructor Lori Rischer. Rockstar H&F features celebrities sharing their health, diet, and fitness tips. This first installment stars Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump. In this episode, Patrick discusses his solo project and current release “Soul Punk” and fills us in on his weight loss secrets. The 9-episode Rockstar season’s all-star line up includes Hedley, Kirsten Price, Kim Glass, Lala Romero, OneRepublic and the World Famous DJ Skee, among others. Check out next week’s episode featuring Austin Brown. Created by Lori Rischer and Sera Roadnight. Produced By SkeeTV.

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25 Responses to “Rockstar Health & Fitness – Episode 1 ft. Patrick Stump”

  1. He did always have sick calves. And a nice ass. But that’s besides the point:P He’s such a cutie:P

  2. I totally want him… Hahaha

  3. hes so awkwardly cute…sighhh doki doki

  4. Getting Ripped Abs Reply August 29, 2012 at 5:43 pm

    Working out together can work!

  5. I feel like he’s nervous she’s going to correct him on some of the stuff. He seems nervous- it’s cute!

  6. Who doesn’t??

  7. 5’4? Oh shit I am 5 inches taller than him and I am a girl. Still love him though :)

  8. He’s too adorable. I’m flipping out.

  9. misschanelle12345 Reply August 29, 2012 at 7:04 pm

    Oops….’yeah, yeah, when we wrote it-uh, I mean when I wrote it’ nice cover up Patman. We all know you miss the boys

  10. Popsiclestick Humour Reply August 29, 2012 at 7:34 pm

    Truvia actually has sugar in it. When getting Stevie, look for “glucose” on the label.
    An excellent brand of Stevia is Sweet Leaf. It’s a lot more of a concentrated, pure form of Stevia, and it’s healthier for you because no sugar, haha. c:

  11. He’s always been fucking adorable

  12. He’s fucking adorable right now.

  13. GAAAHH! He looks so cute in fitness clothes!! ^__^

  14. frogiveandforget853 Reply August 29, 2012 at 9:29 pm

    she wants him so much…it actually made me feel awkward O.O

  15. We’ve selected a burrito because, burritos are, y’know, rad. Yeah just rad.

  16. Y’know y’know ummm y’know. I luv you Patrick!

  17. They’re both FUCKING adorable(x

  18. haha, aww, he’s so cute. he’s only 5″4 and he stuttered quite a bit. n’aww, patrickkkk. :3

  19. I miss his hats. :(

  20. wow he stutters alot!

  21. he’s so adorable omg

  22. @CupcakeLover1121 Please Don’t Type Like This It’s A Sentence Not A Fucking Fall Out Boy Song Title.

  23. Cheering for the old pat, wincing when she mentioned the sideburns, biting my lip when he was in shorts, smiling every time he said dude and laughing when he laughed, just because he sounded uncomfortable. God I love this man.

  24. I keep looking at her then him then I keep thinking of how very very light he is…. shining a light on him is not helping either because it makes him lighter.

  25. WHO DOESN’T.