The Fourth Of July Fit Tip and Total Body Workout Monday Fit tip Fourth of July Foods! Wednesday The Fourth of July Total Body Workout Friday- Aspire Higher! Plus get the answer to Mondays Question. About EYB: Empower Your Body is a Health & Fitness Consulting company. Our mission is to contribute to the overall wellness of humanity. With Empower Your Body, we will show you how to take the thoughts that limit you and turn them into the beliefs that empower you. It is about being honest, becoming educated and taking action! Video Disclaimer : Get our Downloadable workouts at the EYB Store! Special Thanks to: Hillside Media Productions : Website Twitter

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14 Responses to “The Fourth Of July Fit Tip and Total Body Workout”

  1. I understand :)  be well. Alycia

  2. I am all for organic, but the reality of high costs really hit the pocket book.

  3. ok :) Be well. Alycia

  4. of course…especially in the big cities…enjoy your visit :) Be well. Alycia

  5. Great! Be well. Alycia

  6. MedicinalReality95 Reply August 22, 2012 at 5:21 am

    I actually prefer that to normal yogurt like yoplait, its a little bit more tangy than regular yogurt but that’s what I actually like about it. Its all about preferences, but it is a yogurt worth trying.

  7. I love this!!

  8. Is Chobani Greek yogurt good?
    And isn’t Tempe something temporary in latin I believe


  10. I’m not going to be able to eat anything when I visit the US. Are there organic food chains and restaurants there?

  11. tofu, nathan’s hot dogs are good though!

  12. I like the new ‘decoration’. Do that more often please :) 

  13. #1