Zuzana Light – ZWOW # 19 5-24-2012

Facebook – on.fb.me Twitter – bit.ly Every week Zuzana Light will give you new ZWOWs (Zuzana’s Workout of the Week). Remember to track how long it takes you to complete each workout then focus on beating your time! With every ZWOW you perform, achieving your fitness goals will become that much closer. Zuzana will always lead you through your workout, so don’t think hard… PUSH HARD! *Injury disclaimer: Not all exercises are suitable for everyone and this or any other exercise program may result in injury, To reduce this risk of injury, please consult your doctor before beginning this, or any other, physical fitness program. Any user of this program assumes the full risk of injury resulting from performing the routines presented within this video.

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25 Responses to “Zuzana Light – ZWOW # 19 5-24-2012”

  1. ZUZANAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (L) i really love this gurrrrl i was pritty sad cause i think that she will not doooo new videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. whoa that was hard! I used heavier weight for the cleans and hip twists. 22:56 btw

  3. whoa that was hard! I used heavier weight for the cleans and hip twists.

  4. Oh god, I’m going to DIIEEE! …And love it. :)

  5. That was difficult :) . I can not do pistol squats, so I tap my butt to the couch and back up. Progress right lol. Plus I am so sore from yesterday, I did one of your old BR routines from 2009. Good stuff

  6. 17:21 !!
    still gotta work on pistols!

  7. TheTribulationRev1 Reply November 7, 2012 at 5:36 am

    She’s a trainer, works out for a living and eats right.

  8. It’s probably one of my favourite ZWOWs, though I have to add some activity to it to serve me better.

  9. Start with easier exercises where you support your head by your hands and focus ONLY on dropping your head into the hands. It will improve by the time.

  10. This is one of the most frustrating workouts i’ve ever done! I feel great now but MAN! Even with beginner modifications, pistols are still really tough. You’re amazing Zuzana!

  11. i think zuzana has made a video somewhere in this channel where she says she’s been doing these HIIT for years, around 4 years or something and she claims that these HIIT are all she does to keep herself in shape. all she does is HIIT workouts and a proper healthy balance diet.

  12. 18:02!!

  13. why do you have such a tight body?? OMFGG

  14. Hey, I just want to warn you guys about this workout, BEWARE OF THE PISTOL SQUATS! Coupled with the bottle drop squats, the 2 exercises make this workout intense on the thighs. I was only able to finish 3 rounds (one of the rare times I have been unable to complete the rounds, because I always strive to finish) and 3 days later my quadriceps still really really ache. They have been super fatigued.. Coming from someone who is not knew to Zuzana’s workouts, who does not mind fatigue and loves the

  15. i can’t even do ONE pistol squat~~~

  16. It was so hard! But I pushed through and finished in 33 mins. Feeling pretty good for actually finishing this. Thank you!!!

  17. OMG! Took me 37m7s and I had to use a chair for the pistol squats. Having said that I did do 10 per leg on each round…so double what I needed to so I’m not moaning about my time. Thanks Zuzana

  18. love it ! dekuji , zuzano !!!!

  19. I’m so happy to see you.

  20. awesome vid pretty lady

  21. Just did it! Had to replace the pistols… Instead I did twisted lunges… 28 min!

  22. Pistol squat is sooo hard. I cant do it :( By the way are u Russian?

  23. 19:05 !!
    first round leg lifted but needed support for gettin up
    then i had the other leg rest on the floor!

  24. I have a hard time believing anybody completed this workout in under 20 minutes, and even that would be pushing it. If you are then you must not be doing those pistol squats properly or cutting corners somewhere. You’re only cheating yourself! Congratulations to the people who are actually doing the exercises the right way and to those giving it their best effort!

  25. I have been trying to do this whole work out since this one came out and TODAY finally did the whole thing!!!!! thank you I feel very energized and happy. Please some more of these long work outs (not many I love your ten minute work outs).