Zuzana Light – ZWOW #34 Beg For It To End

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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37 Responses to “Zuzana Light – ZWOW #34 Beg For It To End”

  1. 15:02 !!!!!
     and 20KG kettle bell!

  2. plank pulls were hard

  3. Thanks your die work,you deserve your body.

  4. Zuzana, I was suffering while watching this video. You’re amazing. You’re so strong but you’re human too. Please, take care. Your videos are really good and I do the workouts with pleasure but this video, OMG, makes me feel impressed about you because you were very, very tired.

  5. Awesome workouts!!!! Very challenging…..I want more more moreeeee!!!! :D :D

  6. You’ve got Brad Pitt in your ad. Congratulations. I didn’t even know such a thing existed.

  7. Wow no rest between the rounds??? Wow! Im in awe!

  8. great vid!!sensational stuff!!

  9. she is awesome….:) get it girl!

  10. Way to stick with it! 

  11. 13:52, with 12 pounds on each hand, and 35 for the pull. Weeee!!! Can’t wait to beat my time. This one was SUPER fun.

  12. I’m just starting with ZWOW and I did this workout yesterday and today. It took me about 20mins. I was drained by the end of it. Thanks for these workouts.

  13. You are awesome. xD Great channel you have going here. :) Very inspirational!

  14. it depends on what you eat, however zwow are very hard and you need your blood to oxygenate your body instead of your stomach to digestion, so if you do zwow a little time after eating, surely you will feel sick: digestion takes between 2 and 4 hours.. so the emptier your stomach is, the best your body will work.

  15. 17’54” my arms are dead..

  16. amazing.. she was going to cry, but she did it.. zuz, you’re a great woman!!

  17. so….this workout took me 16 min. I used some empty cans and bricks in it, for weight and it worked great :) ) thanks Zuzzzzzz :) ))

  18. I’m in love

  19. awesome work, love it. I really like your routines, they make me feel strong and beautiful. thanks

  20. lol…it was funny when she said this is a killer exercise, this is horrible lol! I understand

  21. i almost died doing this and didn’t even do the ” plank pulls”! Did burpees instead!

  22. I love that she is struggling through but keeps such a great attitude and keeps pushing. That is inspiring! Thanks zuzana

  23. To die for abs!

  24. You were so right this workout makes you feel great after you’ve finished it and the days after it lol. Can’t wait every week for the next workout!

  25. You have a horrible attitude ..

  26. MAN LOOK AT HER LEGS DAMN !!!!!!!!!

  27. i am sure she’s jewish

  28. @mevbckq yes. When i was working out hard to make muscles my senior guys did not tell me about this method. But If you want something that builds huge muscle which showed me exactly what i was doing wrong. just follow what video is saying to you here –> bit.ly/Ks5mtD?=qljmgi

  29. hottest photos of beyonce here

  30. Very good.
    Just a couple of quick questions:

    Can the triceps exercise cause “tennis elbow” problem?

    What is a big difference between your triceps exercise and the regular one?

    Thanks for the video.

  31. Oh hai! Have you heard the talk about – fast abs magic (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my father got hot Six pack abs and lost crazy amounts of belly fat with it.

  32. Your form and instructions were horrid. Stop or go back to school.

  33. MissNaturalMystery Reply November 2, 2012 at 9:02 pm

    What’s an alternative to using the ball?

  34. great workout!

  35. we know how Beyonce’s “quotes” go, lol…
    love that Purple!

  36. Will these three exercises take about 45 minutes?