Zuzana Light – ZWOW #38 Sweat Shred

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Zuzana Light – ZWOW #38 Sweat Shred”

  1. 13:41 !!!!!
    2nd time around !!
    stilll sooooooo intese!

  2. I love the preview with the breakdowns but it would be great to see the white board or quick pick of the breakdowns again before we get started. It was a great routine. Thank you!

  3. Great workout!!!

  4. Oh my God!

  5. 13:50!!

  6. Zuzana is the best! BodyRock will never be the same with out her. Do your thing Zuzana! Screw “Frederick” and what’s her face!

  7. I can not say one bad thing about her video’s and her period. Easy on the eyes and exercises are great.

  8. so good to see you again Zuzana! glad your still doing workouts! getting back into them and as always love your energy and enthusiasm. Keep it up girl! you touch so many peoples lives :)

  9. Zuzana is more Beautiful and best!

  10. I love your workouts and watching you gives me inspiration.. but I surprised you got naked on film.. but thank you just the same

  11. My question is, how did u control your workout so u doesn’t looks like a gigantic muscle body builder? I mean, i like workout and i like your body, it’s perfect.

  12. So I did this workout last tuesday evening, and my legs were still recovering as of yesterday (saturday). It was hard to sit down and get up and walk normal. I found out I did twice the amount of jumping lunges, which is probably why my legs were SOOO sore! I completed it in 17:15, so not too bad. I used a 20 pound sandbag for the dumbbell swing, not sure if that might have made it easier.

  13. way more viewers than you know who ;) zuzana is the best

  14. fought through the last round with three days grace time of dying”I will not die” ….this was pretty intense and took me longer than usual to finish thanks … my day is going to be so much better :)

  15. Website???

  16. I love this workout, but since I am a beginner it still killed me after the first set (4 days later my legs are still sore)…but the exercises were easy enough to do while keeping the proper form. Thanks very much for taking the time to create these workouts!

  17. Thank you for numbering your workouts! It makes it so much easier to go back and try to crush your previous time or scores! Love the Real Time too. :)

  18. super girl !!!

  19. Zuzana I just want to say thanks for 2 things I love the real time workouts, dont get me wrong i still like bodyrock but the workouts are too choppy its hard to follow along and know your doing it right and second you dont use titles like “hot steamy sex” workout I just think their workout titles arent necessary and that the workouts should speak for themselves as yours do so THANK YOU!!! It is much appreciated ;)

  20. Beated you by 27secs and 20 lb Swings! ;)

  21. Please, zoom into the white board if you are no longer gonna be doing the exercise recap at the beginning of the video.

  22. The jump lunge push up was AWFUL. lol

  23. The last time I did it wrong, because I was doing 16 sets of jump lunges&burpees (yes I did it alone, not with you :D I didn’t think that I’m faster than you :D )… grrr… So today I did it again, and my time was 18:17 yesss! That was really good for my abs. Thanks Zuzka! I’m waiting for your new workout. <3

  24. Zuzana, you are great, honestly! But don’t you think that yeasted whole wheat bread is a little overrated? So many people seem to have allergic reactions to yeast and wheat! Why not have some sourdough rye bread or sprouted bread? No yeast, no wheat and much more nutritious! Ever tried? You would love it I’m sure!

    Hugs, Kaya

  25. the girl on Bodyrock got her surgery — ridiculous