Zuzka Light – ZWOW # 31 Circuit Sweat

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Zuzka Light – ZWOW # 31 Circuit Sweat”

  1. Zuzana Thank you for doing real time workouts with us .. Otherwise I wouldn’t do them … I am so tired … You motivate me to keep going

  2. So glad I found you again, I had stopped working out at home as the new Bodyrock is all about zoom shots on breast implants rather than effective workouts. You have inspired me to resume my home workouts, thanks Zuzana ,3

  3. whoa !! 17mins!!

  4. I love her workouts too, she motivates me to do workouts another than I used to do. I love running, but Zuzana`s Zwow build my muscles.

  5. Zuzana, you are AMAZING! I had stumbled on to the bodyrocker’s site about two weeks ago from browsing work outs on pinterest. It was one of your videos and I LOVED it so much. After figuring out the website (which was kinda complicated), I realized that you weren’t one of the video hosts anymore. I typed your name in a google search to see what you were up to these days and stumbled onto your ZWOW channel on youtube and have been following it EVER SINCE.

  6. Beat my time by 3 minutes and a half versus last month- 18.40 to 15.11, and didn’t modify pushups at all! Thanks Zuz!

  7. 19:02! darn it you beat me by 26 seconds! :D Thanks so much Zuz! incredibly hard but both psychologically and physically rewarding!

  8. 16:41
    HOLY !!!!!

  9. Back to basics I loved it. my time 16:33. 44 year old female

  10. this was something spcl 21:47 i will strive to do better b/c i stopped way to many times the pushups and burpees is what got me. need to build the upper body strength. gr8 workout Z thankZ

  11. I love you zuzanna! I’ve been watching you since charliejames and you are absolutely amazing!

  12. I started on ZWOW XXX, doing these workouts 5x a week (#33 4x in a row!). Now, from July 2012, 4 months later, I’ve lost 15#, 8″ from my waist and have definition in my legs that I have N E V E R owned in my 50 years. Hubby was quite impressed after 2 months at sea. So, in mid-September, he drug his air-sucking, sea-level bod around our 5,500-ft Idaho land with me doing these routines (or like ones we make up). Now we are so impressed we tell everyone, “ZWOW 30 – DO IT!!” ..
    tanya n steve

  13. When hubby was away at sea in Alaska, I thought I’d make better attempt at doing these workouts. July 2012 I started and now, 3 months later, I’ve lost 15#, 8″ from my waist and have definition in my legs that I have N E V E R owned in my 50 years. Hubby was impressed so I drug his sea-level body up to our 5,500-ft hills here in Idaho and he is now faithful to doing these routines (or like ones we make up) with or without me, no less than 5x a week.
    tanya n steve

  14. 15:42 for three sets, although for my first set I did push-up burpees instead of competition burpees. I was pushing it though! I’m not looking forward to climbing any stairs tomorrow.

  15. She had a slight edge on me with the burpees, but I made ground on the sit-ups! By far one of the best workouts thus far! Keep up the great work Zuzana!

  16. 30′ 44” but it took me a while to stand up and made a step to the stopwatch xD I was dead

  17. challenging… I’ll see.. later I’m posting my score

  18. i tried this tonight..it took me for 35-40mins…this is the hardest workout of Zuzana…it’s really sweat work out…

  19. she is awesome! I love her workouts too…

  20. did it in 15:39.8 …so hard, so worth it…thanks!

  21. Hello Zu Are you reading internal messages? 

  22. Does anybody else find that their first round is always their longest?

  23. Keep them coming Zuzana!! Love your workouts!!!

  24. I have a long way to go before I get to your level Zuz :) Two rounds in 30 mins (horrible I know) but I started to get too shaky to do a third round. I’m going to have a short break and a snack before I go out on my run/walk with my dog (she needs her exercise too). Thank you Zuz for being such an inspiration! :D

  25. 18 minutes for two rounds (I’m a beginner). I’m exhausted. Next time round will be trying all 3 rounds. Thank you!