Zuzka Light – ZWOW # 39 MAX Limit

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Zuzka Light – ZWOW # 39 MAX Limit”

  1. Is this HIIT?

  2. She was pointing the little window on the screen that appear on the right corner!
    (zwow 39 previw max). Have a nice day!!

  3. In another video I believe she says she likes to just eat food, she takes a fish oil supplement or something, but she says the best thing is food, and supplements are low quality food. It makes sense to me, a long time ago when people use to have to farm for a living and work hard all day long they didn’t have weird supplements, they just ate food right

  4. Awesomenessssssssssssss!!!

  5. Loved this workout! One of my new favorites! 15lb for 6 rounds in 14:20! Great workout Z, keep ‘em coming! :)

  6. 9:47!!
    20lbs and 3 rounds + 22 side hops 10mins!

  7. girl what supplements u use???!!!!!???

  8. Jump roped for 20 minutes then did the workout in 9 minutes and 47 seconds.

  9. 9:42 !!!!! 20lbs !!
    and for 10mins 3 rounds + 22 side hops!

  10. OMG!!! So glad I found you!!! Misssed you soooo much!!! yayyyyyyyyy

  11. it is so good at beginning, beyond words. watching over and over

  12. Jump rope for 8 mins fof advanced Z WarriorZ.

  13. finished in 13:00, but added push-ups to the spiders. love your videos zuzka, been trying to do a different one 3-4 times a week, and i’m lovin the results!!! i feel so much stronger since ive started these!!!!! one day ill have abs (and hopefully boobs) like you :)

  14. okay this one was fucking brutal!

  15. 9:28 with perfect form. added an extra round for fun finished that at 12:48

  16. where are the hot ab-workouts?!

  17. where do i go to get the zwow t-shirts? i want one :)

  18. 7:50! First time I ever beat Zuzana! I will still keep striving to beat all her other times :)

  19. I finally beat my trainers time!! 11 minutes FLAT

  20. ufff 15:48! i think i am bad at timing, but i also think it must be because i do some sprint and walking for an hour before the workouts and then afterwards i am tired…(?) i hope it is… ahahaha! thanks Zuzka!!

  21. she was pointing to the side bar when the video is small i think because i was watching it in big screen and thought the same!!! hahaha! but the explanation for the correct form is in the preview now! check it ! salut!

  22. 7:45! Loved it!

  23. found this channel! bodyrock tv has an ugly ass girl

  24. great video and workout. love that it is done in real time. how does one go about supporting Zuzana?

  25. Finished at 10:11 …Awesome!