10 Fake Medical ‘Facts’

10 Fake Medical 'Facts'

Presenting 10 ‘facts’ you won’t be taught in medical school. Where else to find All Time 10s… Facebook: ow.ly Twitter: ow.ly Check out a selection of video’s highlighting some Alltime10′s favourite and interesting people.. @ www.youtube.com

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25 Responses to “10 Fake Medical ‘Facts’”

  1. “On the contrary, cold weather appears to stimulate the immune system, according to a study by the Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine”

  2. I surprisingly knew most of these the first time I watched it. Thank you, Penn and Teller!

  3. its just darker shades

  4. actualy lobsters have blue blood there is blue blood,green blood, white blood, and red blood

  5. If you have anemia, sometimes your blood can turn blue because there is not enough hemoglobin in it

  6. i like this guy.

  7. Apparently after taking birth control pills, ceasing medication actually INCREASES fertility.


  9. You see people who are ignorant, jealous use the logical fallacy of dogmatism. Basically you are trying to convince a 3 year old why he shouldn’t eat the candy.

    Ask a 10 year old the same question, see if he gives you the same answer Mr. Genius. And guess what smarty pants? Five year old kids know how to capitalize, you on the other hand do not!

  11. how?

  12. you are just proving how stupid you are

  13. so how many ten year old kids do you know that could explain it like that? I’m sure most of them don’t even know the word de-oxygenated or hemoglobin.
    i didn’t say i didn’t know them, i just said that most ten year old children wouldn’t, they would be taught it in a simpler form.

  14. childhood.. done :( 

  15. What if I’m a lobster

  16. then hes an idiot

    like you

  17. Technically number 9 is half and half. If birth control drugs are used for a long time, after you stop taking them and try to conceive, it will take a few months at least for your body to resume normal ovulation. So although you may still become pregnant after taking them, it just may take a little while.

  18. im not sure a 10 year old would know those words to be honest so shut the fuuuuuuuuuuuck uuuuuuup please

  19. its something taught in middle school biology

    so our friend here is an idiot or younger than 10

  20. Very well said. I presume you are a teacher or a biologist… Unless you are a very keen and ingenious student.

  21. True !

    I really hate when people says “Don’t shave your armpit hair, it will grow thicker…”, if it’s grow again, SHAVE AGAIN… problem solved.

  22. Well done

  23. actually with the cold weather, in cold weather your immune system does get affected by it so you can be for susceptible to cold or other illnesses

  24. So basically…SHUT THE FUCK UP NAN!

  25. It’s a fact dumb bitch