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25 Responses to “3 Foods You Should Eat Every Day | Healthy Food Secrets”

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  2. ……….Water isn’t a food……..

  3. I dont trust anyone that blinks that long…

  4. 1:24 ha haha

  5. This lady is a foxxy one!! ;) Keep your informative vids coming.. and nice choice on the glasses.

  6. no, that’s cellulose.

  7. healthysimplecooking Reply November 12, 2012 at 5:30 pm

    Hey foodies,

    I just started my youtube cooking channel and would love some feedback!
    Would mean a lot if you could take a few minutes to check it out…

    Thank you!! xx

  8. water is not food, has no calories.

  9. defintleyyyyyy

  10. I thought Chlorophyll was indigestible lol

  11. @Howcast Howcast, you should make a video on how to fix a YLOD on a PS3 System please. You have not made one yet, and you should! I mean, there’s an idea for you!

  12. haha they made a cute girl look like a professor when they gave her some glasses :)

  13. You could try freeze it ;P lol

  14. Crap i didnt EAT water like she said

  15. where do they find these people … seriously… answer

  16. why is she always wearing the same shirt??

  17. ex wife

  18. Her voice relaxes me
    Anyone else??

  19. so basically live like a rabbit

  20. Water is a food? This world is so messed up.


  22. Eat meat you idiot

  23. she is pretty :) :):)

  24. And it’s a vegetable so it’s good for you!

  25. can you eat water?