Bodybuilding Recipe – Easy Protein Pancakes

Bodybuilding Recipe - Easy Protein Pancakes

Reminder to please LIKE and COMMENT if you enjoy. Be sure to subscribe for more videos → *Links, ingredients, and nutrition facts below* ● Behind The Scenes & Quick Kitchen Tour: ● Chocolate Protein Brownies: ——————————– FACEBOOK: TWITTER: WEBSITE: GOOGLE+ CLOTHING STORE: INSTAGRAM TUMBLR: ——————————– Ingredients 1 cup oats 1/4 cup almond milk 1 egg 1 egg white 1 scoop protein powder Pinch of salt 1 tsp. baking powder Cinnamon 1 tbsp. sweetener Makes 4 servings. Amount per serving: 130 calories 3g fat 15g carbs 11g protein ——————————– Tags: bodybuilding food recipe high protein build muscle lose fat gain squat deadlift pancake bodybuilding food recipe high protein build muscle lose fat gain squat deadlift pancake bodybuilding food recipe high protein build muscle lose fat gain squat deadlift pancake
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How to Care for a Gerbil

READ READ READ READ READ I HAVE MOVED TO THE NAME: ShebaPresents I WILL STILL HELP YOU WILL ALL GERBIL QUESTIONS! THIS ACCOUNT WILL BE DELETED BEFORE 2012 PLEASE SUB TO SHEBAPRESENTS! THANK YOU! I love you ALL! hello all, this is me, Shelby (fungrly10 or gerbiluv10) and i’d like to say thank you for watching my videos! The Gerbil Forum: My Myspace: Nutrition Facts: crude protein (min.)……….15.0% crude fat (min.)………………5.5% crude fiber (max.)…………..12.0% moisture (max.)……………….12.0% please note this was used from a generic USA, walmart-brand food. around those percents is good though :) Great Toys: Wooden Houses – Roll-A-Nest (remove fibers inside) – REMEMBER: NO PLASTIC! A very nice, silent wheel is: DO NOT USE: those are NOT okay and because they either have chemicals on them, fibers that could break a leg or choke a gerbil, or plastic. Tanks Topper: I think that’s it :) love your gerbils!! they’re life-changing, amazing creatures!
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49 Responses to “Bodybuilding Recipe – Easy Protein Pancakes”

  1. Sorry, meant description :-)

  2. was looking for healthy food a couple of weeks ago and found your vids. Dude thanks so much for all recipes. I cooked some of them and they are really easy and delicious. Pls keep on doing this! Would be great if you could mention the ingridients in grams too in the subscription. Greetz from germany

  3. like they always say, basics is the best way lol, must b true, so is it 1g per pound of lean body mass or just overall bodyweight?, and do you do much cardio at all?

    cheers for the reply buddie, much appreciated

  4. MichaelKoryFitness Reply December 7, 2012 at 4:59 am

    Appreciate that man. Been hitting the compound lifts hard. I just follow a basic one body part a day split. I tried a legs/push/pull/off split but it wasn’t for me.
    Just make sure you’re getting enough carbs, protein (1g per pound of bodyweight, maybe more if you’re bulking) and fat (I do around 70 grams a day) and then you’re good! I wouldn’t take tracking the macros too seriously

  5. dude, i found you on youtube few months ago, and looking at you from old vids to this vid, you looking hench man, fairplay to you lol, you say we shud track our macros, how do i workout what my macros shud b?, and also what type of training do you do?
    loving the vids man, keep up the hard work :)

  6. Can you do a video on counting macros and calories??

  7. hmmmm………hungry

  8. MichaelKoryFitness Reply December 7, 2012 at 7:06 am

    It’s the same one @MichaelKory

  9. Just made these and they came out really well. Thanks for the recipe!

  10. just subscribed today and watched a few videos , love the recipes and vids man keep them up

  11. i have the exact same blender bust my broke after few your recepies , how long have you have the blender?

    P.S cool video :)

  12. Can I just use eggwhites?

  13. Hey mike do you have a new instagram page?

  14. greenappleeyecandy Reply December 7, 2012 at 9:33 am

    I just made these :) YUM. I didn’t have whey protein. All I had was plain rice protein powder. It doesn’t mix as well as I would imagine whey does. I kept adding more almond milk until I got the batter to a good consistency. Next time I will try these with whey. Thanks for great easy recipe!

  15. Isnt 100g of bread 1000 calories!?

  16. Can u give us some alternative to bacon ? i was always eating pancakes with bacon :(

  17. do you know any stevia that does not have a weird taste?

  18. Never mind, I see the designer gave themselves a “Design” link on your banner. Cool stuff, better videos!

  19. Hi Mike, this is Mike also lol. Just wondering, who did your new youtube banner?

  20. Definitely a brain fart there…

  21. The oatmeal and eggs also have protein. (insert genius meme here)

  22. I think the intro music is beastt:D Keep it up dude, you’re a boss

  23. i use allmost the same recipe, since i can´t tolerate proteinpowder very well i use 1/2 cup of cottage cheese, mayby that helps a few people out there with the same proplem, thanks michael! i really like your channel :)

  24. will put more thanks

  25. On the other hand – I really like the new music!

  26. make sure your gerbils are not fighting. if they are NOT i would take her to the vet. if your gerbils ARE fighting and NOT sleeping together you need to seperate them :/ if they are not drawing blood, but sleeping together and still fighting its just playing. :)

  27. My sis got me and her one on April 17 2012 there boys

  28. hey i adopted my gerbles from a teacher in my old school they came in a cadge is that not ok? will i need to by a tank? <3


  30. thank you :) 

  31. teachers are some of the worst examples when it comes to pets… it’s so sad :(

  32. did you get one!? :)

  33. it’s optional :)

  34. do you have to put hay in thier cages or is it optional

  35. thanks for the info, U R an expert

  36. i might be getting a gerbil like in a month :D

  37. Really good vid!:)

  38. i got a gerbil;)

  39. Ugh my stupid teacher has a gerbil and she has a PLASTIC Crittertrail cage. She also has a leggo house for him and he EATS IT! It makes me sick. To make it worse, She lets the stupid SIXTH graders take care of it. She used to have a hamster, but it died because they don’t know how to care of them. I tried to tell them but they don’t listen :( Poor gerbil.

  40. you’re pretty

  41. What if your food bowl is plastic

  42. hi im a gerbil owner with all the right stuff .oh fyi every one dont listen to this girl aspain is not good for gerbils get thick fluffy bedding like care fresh natural and dont really get colorfull bedding. but sorry somethings this girl says is correct.check out my comentary its coming soon!!

  43. use the seperate cage method, you have two cages, you let one another in the same cage for about 5 minutes then put back in 2 different cages. make sure they can see eachother when theyre both in seperate cages. theyll eventually get used to one another.

  44. Thx for the tips i am going to get one soon and i dont want it to eat its own crap

  45. Thanks, and excuse my bad spelling haha, My brother just got gerbils, Boys And they are actually very nice to each others, So thanks you!

  46.  aw ok will do~

  47. if you have any more questions, please ask ShebaPresents – that is me, but i’m cancelling this account. thanks!

  48. if you have any more questions, please ask ShebaPresents – that is me, but i’m cancelling this account. thanks!

  49. if you have any more questions, please ask ShebaPresents – that is me, but i’m cancelling this account. thanks!