Bodybuilding Recipe – Protein Cheesecake

It’s good to be back! Please LIKE and COMMENT if you enjoy. Subscribe for more videos → *Links, ingredients, and nutrition facts below* ● What Happened to Lean Body Lifestyle? ● 5 Minute Bodybuilding Protein Cake: ——————————– FACEBOOK: TWITTER: WEBSITE: GOOGLE+ CLOTHING STORE: INSTAGRAM TUMBLR: ——————————– Ingredients 24 oz. fat-free or low-fat cream cheese 2 scoops protein powder (60 grams) 3/4 cup sweetener 3 eggs Vanilla extract 1 tsp. lemon juice Makes 8 servings. Amount per serving: 150 calories 2g fat 7g carbs 21g protein ——————————– Tags: bodybuilding food recipe high protein build muscle lose fat gain squat deadlift cheesecake bodybuilding food recipe high protein build muscle lose fat gain squat deadlift cheesecake bodybuilding food recipe high protein build muscle lose fat gain squat deadlift cheesecake
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Michael Angelo's Shrimp Scampi Video Review: Freezerburns (E I have always been impressed by the quality of ingredients in Michael Angelo’s frozen meals. Now they have this “Small Batch From Scratch” seal of approval which highlights fresh daily ingredients that are flash frozen. Shrimp is wicked hard to cook perfectly in the microwave…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “Bodybuilding Recipe – Protein Cheesecake”

  1. Imagine a post workout meal at a Bodybuilding restaurant being served some tilapia, or any protein source of your choice and any carbs healthy of course. Then some protein pancakes, brownies, cookies!

  2. HAHA I agree about the cream cheese packaging!

  3. cook it for longer.

  4. love this!!!!

  5. Hey put mine in a glass pie/cheesecake bowl, it’s about the same size as those trashable ones.

    I put it at 300 F for 50 minutes but the inside is still gooey and its’ been 3 hours for cooling.

    Is putting it in the fridge going to fix that or did I mess up somewhere? Used the same ingredients listed.

  6. I must have done something wrong, my cheese cake was gross. Lol

  7. just discovered you. youre pretty good to bad you had to go through all the extras with the name

  8. LOL try to get at least a wisk next time.. that would probably be the same as that mixer; plus you will be burning some calories to make some room for that cheese cake later xD haha jk!

  9. did you eat the whole cheesecake?

  10. dude, youre the best! :) im glad you’re back.

  11. you might wanna hit me up then ;)

  12. I tried this and the whey protein just made it taste terrible. couldn’t even eat it ha.

  13. Hey man big fan of your vids! I was wondering if you could do a recipe vid. Just a video showing all the different calorie free sweetners/toppings(such as the carmel you had in this one). I would like to know the names of the companies that sell all these calorie free ingredients. Even the obvious ones like flour or fat free cheese like in this one. Just a big list of fat free/calorie free ingredients so we can try to create out own lean meals! Thanks man

  14. Welcome back! Love the recipe, too, gonna try this next weekend!

  15. Really like the logo man. Everything’s turned out way better. I’ll surely try this kick ass recipe!

  16. damn the cream cheese I have is 9g of fat per serving

  17. Mine turned out really average.
    I’m guessing you need a mixer like you have? Your consistency looks alot fluffier than mine was as all i had was a wooden spoon to mix :/

  18. they’re in the description

  19. Bashir Al Mughairbi Reply December 1, 2012 at 12:06 am

    You’re awesome bro thanks for video :) greatly appreciated.

  20. It’s sexy when a hot guy knows how to cook ;-)

  21. I love when you smile with that lil smirk :) 

  22. awesome vid man
    but can you put the nutrition info in the vid like you used to

  23. Might be worth considering a lapel microphone given the effort you are going to already – it’s not that much more work but will make the videos much more professional if that’s what you’re after.

  24. Just get the macros from the ingredients YOU use… takes no more than 5 minutes

  25. veggies and fruits.

  26. Can I find Micheal Angelos at my Walmart?…

  27. fresh pussy is the best

  28. I do like this meal and their others are pretty great too. I especially the Ziti & meatballs, it is abit pricier than the average frozen meal but the quality of ingredients is definately higher.

    I’m a sucker for fresh parsley. Great in a dish and hell I can even chomp on it all alone=p


  30. Fresh shaved… oh I had to do it!

  31. who knew mike could cook?

  32. this guy is really good.. i sooo want to it this right now

  33. Something fresh? The story of how my life got turned upside down.

  34. TheBlackkittycatmeow Reply December 1, 2012 at 6:48 am

    to answer your question, tomatoes. I don’t really know why, I just like fresh tomatoes.

  35. nice shirt and i always prefer my vegetables fresh not cooked

  36. that first bite looked mega hot! do you have some sort of super hero super mouth that can handle the most extreme heat?

  37. “our meals are f l e s h frozen” lol the mix up with r’s and l’s happens to me to.

  38. Dat’s awesome looking????? Looks like the cat trew up! ;)

  39. Freezerburnsdotcom Reply December 1, 2012 at 8:39 am

    I typically mean that some ingredients are cooked perfectly and others arent. This is no doubt because the shrimp and the pasta are being cooked at the same time, same temp, for the same amount of time. But to prepare them properly they really require separate cooking directions.

  40. AHHH HA! I KNEW IT! :P It is a conspiracy! :O Who are you working for Mr. Greg.. if that is your real name. :P lol

    Btw I tried those fish popper things and they didn’t taste to good. I think im going to go back to the popcorn shrimp.

  41. Freezerburnsdotcom Reply December 1, 2012 at 10:07 am

    I cooked it on the circle plate but it was too hot to hold so i switched plates. Nice catch.

  42. Freezerburnsdotcom Reply December 1, 2012 at 10:17 am

    lol. yeah. I shaved it a month ago and its in its “awkward” period growing back out.

  43. real dads change diapers!

  44. That looks really really good.

  45. Fresh Prince.

  46. im guessing he zapped it in the plate and the plate got hot so he switched it

  47. But, I don’t understand how that can happen. Is it that I just do not notice it when I eat these foods? Because to me it seems the same throughout.

  48. yeah ive been thinking that for the passed few videos.. looks weird.