Creatine Timing: The FACTS!

Creatine Timing: The FACTS!

For more info visit my site at: Creatine timing, does it matter? Many recommend taking creatine pre workout, while others recommend post workout??! Does it matter? Learns the FACTS once and for all on the issue of creatine timing!

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25 Responses to “Creatine Timing: The FACTS!”

  1. finally someone who knows what they are talking about. So many people just dont get it., Take it WHENEVER YOU WANT!!! 3-5 grams a day most all of it is the same. Take it with water screw juice,

  2. Hi Will, i was wondering if you could tell me if there is a difference between Creatine Monohydrate and Creapure??

  3. I take creatine once a week before it used to be everyday but now i yes used it once a week.It does help alot notice alot if changes anytime i use it i get alot of power

  4. justin van Oeveren Reply December 28, 2012 at 4:58 am

    Another great video. Thanks for putting in the time to learn and share your knowledge.

  5. like your videos, very informative, subbed

  6. that answers my question about why studies haven’t been done about creatine timing, thanks. Also people who take it a specific time before a workout think it gives them the edge, its more of a placebo effect for them just like a pre-workout supp (you work out harder because you think this stuff is inside of you)

  7. thanks for your information

  8. i take it both pre and post WO. but you could have mentioned that creatine is best absorbed after workout and helps recovering muscles by hydrating and thereby letting nutrients penetrate.. also insuline is necessary i think to get it to the muscles (correct me if i’m wrong). cheers

  9. Helpful info, Thanks!

  10. Very informative!

  11. viewer 11,112… DAMMIT!

  12. As always great vid! 

  13. Man, thank you for cutting RIGHT to the TRUTH and point- you don’t get that nowadays so thank you and PLEASE stay that way! :-)

  14. To the point and very informative. Many thanks for the advice.

  15. Yea good stuff makes sense! thanks!

  16. Very useful advice. Thanks!

  17. 95% of the conducted studies, creatin was taken before workouts!

  18. just use monohydrate

  19. is cellmass any good ? 

  20. i’m a midnight pee/creatine kinda guy

  21. I was wondering about if timing was relevant or not and I thought correctly. Thank you for making this video. Are there any benefits at all drinking creatine with juice rather than water? I ask because the sugar in the juice. Wondering if it makes your creatine consumption any different, if at all.

  22. thkx alot for your video can u tell me is it good to take Creatine thank you i am new to takin supplements

  23. I would like to see willbrinks comment back at Terencetc!

  24. i was wondering if there is a way to take creatine to maximize its effectiveness. i’ve heard that taking it with sugar is best. is that correct? any info and feedback would be greatly appreciated as i value your opinion on this subject more than that of others.

  25. Loyal Subscriber, quick creatine question. I followed your advice and got myself some micronized creapure. And I have been taking on a regular basis. But I had a check up and my blood test came back with high kidney function 1.4, so I stopped taking it and my kidney returned to normal 1.2. Now I was just dropping it in my protein shakes against your advice but I take it with fruit juice now. Is this something I have to worry about and can I continue taking it.