Diet & Nutrition : How to Gain Weight

To gain weight healthfully, eat healthy sources of calorie dense foods such as nuts, juice, smoothies and avocado. Eat several meals throughout the day to gain weight with tips from a registered nutritionist in this free video on healthy diets. Expert: Nicole Gaitan Contact: Bio: Nicole Gaitan has been certified by the American Council on Exercise as a personal trainer and has received certification in sports nutrition. Filmmaker: Bing Hu
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Diet & Nutrition : How to Gain Weight”

  1. Mmmmmmmm she’s cute

  2. Hi, have you considered the Fat Blast Lifestyle? (look for it on google). My mom says it helps people lose weight. 

  3. She is so cute that I want to follow her advice:)

  4. Hi.
    Have you thought about this program called the
    Super Muscle Maximizer ? (do a google search).
    My friend says it helps people get ripped fast.

  5. *weigh

  6. Ensure is disgusting that’s why you don’t like it lol…I weight 116 and I’m 20 I need to gain serious weight..I used to weigh 124

  7. Yo, have you seen this plan called the Fat Blast Furnace? (go search google). My friend says it helps people burn fat.

  8. You are young and have some major growth spurts on the way. There will also come a time when your metabolism slows down and you will actually have to watch what you eat to stay fit. You’ll be fine. Don’t stress over it.

  9. My mom says everyones just fat..

  10. Im in 6th grade and i only weigh like 70 lbs. Is that normal? Because everyone else in my grade weighs moree…

  11. @yklviir u’re right. Most of my friends had this problem even with hard work no muscles were coming. Listen my friends are getting really big muscles after using this product. I found this video here ->

  12. im 6’2 and only 170lbs. what would you say a good weight for me is? i am 18 and male.

  13. @genzmyy ye. most of us dont know what is the best way to keep muscles growing in the beginning days of work out. but my friends is getting really big muscles after using this product. Its really not about costly protein powder or some kind of stuff. Its a perfect diet and special work outs to get good body shape. if you want them can get it here:

  14. I need to gain weight I only have like one meal a day i’m gonna turn to a toothpick soon =(! and everyone is saying that i’m getting skinnier I don’t really get hungry well maybe for little snacks im picky with food sometimes and I don’t like ensure!..

  15. @RoseyNYC your right I’m the same way!

  16. Alright there! Have you thought about – fast abs magic (do a search on google)? Ive heard some decent things about it and my auntie got amazing 6 pack abs and lost a lot of belly fat with it.

  17. yes she is correct. But while doing this you can also gain weight by going to the gym and do muscle exercises. That way, you’ll gain weight in muscles too. I do that on such places as my arms, legs and ankles for example and it works really great if you remember to eat correct and alot too.

  18. Sharpinky, I agree.

  19. she is really pretty but i think that something is wrong with your eyes…anyway thanks for the tips

  20. I’m 20 5’3 and only weigh 112 i was 117 recently /….ughh i keep going down and up and I never make it to 120. I want to reach atleast 130. Please help. ITS SO HARD TO GAIN WEIGHT THEN IT IS TO LOSE

  21. It really is sort of crazy watching all of these videos now when I’m not fat any more – my silver bullet is DietOramy diet program regime (google it) – that thing really forced me to be enhance my body, overall health as well as my entire life.

  22. @shawtywannaparty yes me too :’(((

  23. I jst wanna gain weight in my legs and arms! Y is it so hard :(

  24. @Julieanne I beg to disagree with you, it really works for me and my colleagues we did the diet plans from WeightLossAction.Info and it saves me from my losing my hope to be thin again..

  25. All I do is eat all day I’m 23 110lbs :( I want gain weight it jus don’t work like that for me