Duodenal Switch Fact or Fiction? – Supplementation Facts

In this episode I speak about the myth that DS patients will be malnourished or develop nutrition deficiencies. Article – Bariatric Nutrition: Suggestions for the Surgical Weight Loss Patient www.asbs.org Vitalady – www.vitalady.com Apex Medicine Case – This one is 9 5 x 6 3/4″ x 1 1/8″ www.amazon.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Duodenal Switch Fact or Fiction? – Supplementation Facts”

  1. I wish I had seen this vid before surgery. Great tips

  2. How did it go? After a year….

  3. It’s not complete fiction… I had a duodenal switch about seven years ago and I nearly died of malnutrition and dehydration a couple of months later… I had to be fed vital vitamins and proteins via a Hickman line (tube sewn in to my neck) for 4 weeks. My immune system is still screwed 7 years later :(

  4. Holy cow, that seems so excessive, but I guess with the DS it probably isnt

  5. My eamil is rooseynmax@yahoo.com, please let me know if you think this is good with some alcohol later, saw you were wine lover…just curious

  6. I am havin DS surgery on Feb. 16 this is a very informative tool for others who don’t know the commitment life long to keepin your supplements organized. My grandma had Roux en Y 14 months ago and is on a heavy supplement regimen as well. Thank you for your videos!

  7. I never lost hair and never did biotin. Always had this thick mess o mine :) Thanks and good luck!

  8. Great vid… you look absolutely fantastic! I’m a pre-op and plan on having the DS sometime next year. I’m just wondering… did you ever supplement with Biotin at all to prevent hair loss? You have a great head of hair, so it sure doesn’t look like you need to.

  9. Thnx for the info; it helps. I’m in pre-op research mode. I was wondering if one could have a compounding pharmacist mix your supplements for you so you wouldn’t have to swallow as many pills. Is that an option?

  10. Oh yeah – that’s a good point. I have only just heard about them, so I wasn’t sure if they had anything for DS folks. I guess it makes sense from a business perspective since RNY is still so common.

    I also didn’t think about it at the time, but if you need to take your calcium at a different time than your iron, maybe that’s why RNYers who only take the multivitamins have a greater incidence of vitamin deficiency / anemia?

    I am really glad I found your video! (and channel!!)


  11. They do not provide the vitamin levels a DS patient requires. As a DS’r your also always getting your labs done and tweeking a specific vitamin. Can’t do that if your only taking a bunch of multi’s from BA.

  12. Have you looked into the supplements made for Bariatric surgery patients, like bariatric advantage and building blocks, etc? I am just pre-op DS so I am still learning about them.

  13. I am considering the DS for WLS. Thank you for providing such great and realistic information! Please tell me, how much do you spend on supplements monthly?

  14. No problems. I actually take them by the handful 4 times a day. Not pill by pill. Since with the DS you maintain your pyloric valve you don’t have to do chewable pills and make sure things stay real small food wise. Whatever size you can do pre op you can do post op since you have a normally functioning stomach it’s just made smaller.

  15. This video really helps! Thank you.xxoo

  16. Good video. You do need to be incred. organ. as a DSer. My dr. said it helps to be anal.

    I’m 3 3/4 yrs. out. I take > 40 vits/mineral/day, too. But as we all say, “You signed up for it.”

    As time passes you often have to suppl. more. Sometimes you don’t & they change constantly after the bloods.

    While my suppl. are somewhat diff. than winelover (we all are diff. in how we malabsorb)they are tweaked every 6 mos. aft. bloods.

    Good luck with it, winelover.

  17. nope, no mention of needing to take anything other than multi. Then after my 3 month I was told to take B12 since I was a little low. Perhaps when I go again for 6 month I’ll be adding some new stuff :)

  18. Thanks for watching!

  19. Well my stomach is bigger then a RNY pouch so I don’t have any problems :) Thanks.

  20. Holy crap … no Calcium? Really?

  21. dude! WTF???? I only take a multi vitamin 2X per day and B12 sublingually 2X p/day. I don’t know if I could take all of those. Many props to you. I opted out of the actigal(sp) since it’s not really proven if it works and I pretty much hate pills.

  22. Great video! “Favorited” I will do some response videos to some if you keep them up. The song is very apropos. Merry Christmas, Tom. <3

  23. Thanks for the video, inspiring ! Makes me want to be more diligent in taking mine. I really don’t like to take pills… You don’t have much room for food after you take all those pills and drink water do you?  lol, Merry Christmas, Lori

  24. Your vitamin video reminds me of the Bionic Man….”they can rebuild him”….but this time with vitamins!….This video shows your true dedication to the aftercare of wls. Oh and I love your music selection…. you have a song for everything!

  25. Oh there is no way I could stay organized without it! Thanks Fab