Hemp Seeds Superfood and Awesome Hemp Facts

www.lovingsuperfoods.com presents an excerpt from one of our Superfood Dinners where Melissa raves about the super food properties of hemp and hemp seeds. The info in this rave is from one of our favorite superfood resource books, Superfoods, by David Wolfe available on Amazon.com astore.amazon.com To see more excerpts from our Superfood dinners, including recipes and demonstrations, please subscribe to our lovingsuperfoods channel and/or visit our blog: ownyourbrilliance.blogspot.com Thanks for letting us be a part of your superfood journey! ps Here’s the link for more info on the nutritional analysis on hemp seeds: www.hempoilcan.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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41 Responses to “Hemp Seeds Superfood and Awesome Hemp Facts”

  1. she may know about hemp, but she doesn’t know her marijuana facts

  2. If you grow marijuana 2 close to hemp, the marijuana stops producing THC.

  3. david wolfe is a scary dude. literally what i think of when i think of a sellout. there are better guru’s out there.

  4. shes obviously not a marijuana smoker… mj does NOT make one hallucinate, but still a great vid about hemp… hemp was also encouraged by the government to be grown as a crop in the U.S. at one point… the fact that it is illegal to grow hemp now is one of the most useless limitations put upon a society at a time when information was more difficult to share… not so much anymore thankfully… but, now it is time to deal with the consequences from the blinders worn by our grandparents

  5. make hemp seed milk every morning to put in my morning smoothies

  6. Actually it can help with some symptoms of schizophrenia and cannot cause schizophrenia unless you already have it to some extent. UCLA has conducted studies revealing that it is less addictive than coffee with very little to no withdraw. It effectively treats depression which would by no means take away your motivation. It has even been shown to cure cancer by Harvard and UCLA. Im not sure where your getting your information but its very inaccurate

  7. You are a complete moron. For many people MJ actually modivates them to do stuff. Especially people with depression or social anxiety. MJ is healthy in every way shape and form. Everyone has a different tolerance level. Some people just don’t know when to say when.

  8. mj hallucinations? this girl doesnt know what she is talking bout!

  9. bollocks. Tell that to people who have used MJ and have unfortunately ended up with pychosis/schizo affective disorders.

    Granted it doesn’t have this effect in everybody but in those who are susceptible this sort of statement is just outright reckless.

    Also, MJ decreases motivation, is highly mentally addictive and basically can just take over your life. Smoking it every now and again is harmless but MJ is one of those things that becomes inbedded into your life.

  10. Marijuana isn’t hallucinogenic at all nor is thc bad for you and has actually been show to kill cancer along with cbd which hemp has and is really just a sativa strain of the cannabis plant. All cannabis is just as useful as hemp and shouldn’t be separated so much. All cannabis is healthy.

  11. YAY Canada :) Good job. i’m so proud of my country :) hehehe.

  12. I was not sure that hemp oil provide the complete amino acid as health stores mentioning ,and thanks for clarification.

  13. hmm… youtube won’t let me post a link in the comments … look above for the website with info on the nutritional analysis of hemp seeds

  14. Hi Curiousquest2 … I did a little research and found this website that suggests there is no protein (essential amino acids) in hemp oil. You must use the whole hemp seed to have the protein benefits.

    Also, since hemp seeds oxidize very quickly, I suggest using the whole hemp seed (that is in its own protective package) rather than protein powders where the hemp seeds have already been ground up.

  15. if one start taking only hemp seeds oil and not taking other hemp seeds products ,will only oil provide the amino acid in the oil only ,or does one has to take different products of hemp products to get enough amino acid.
    thanks please respsond.

  16. Thanks Rani! I’m glad you found me online as well as in person. :) More videos will be coming as I get around to editing past superfood dinners. Stay tuned…

  17. i snort the beta-alanine love it

  18. Coffee and a banana for me.

  19. Great videos! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

  20. i love the flush from beta alanine. it gets me goin in the mornin. i put a ton in so that i get that pins and needles feeling all over my body. terrific for those tired morning lifts. FUCK C4 CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Viewers, consider the alternative offered by CEASELESSFITNESS. Go the pure-form route: Control the dosage and include those ingredients that create value for YOU. This gentlemen offers some sage advice. It does take time to dial in a pre-workout formula that works for you; thus, one should attempt to fully asses each supplement in isolation. Mr. Brink, solid video!

  22. i totally understand there are some people who just take a preworkout for no reason or because theyre lazy, but for people like me im in construction so when i get home from work im so bagged i almost cant go to the gym, beleive me i want to but my whole body is tired. preworkouts or a cup of coffee make it possible to work hard and still make gains

  23. You take that every day, why have it in a pre-workout.

  24. whiskey is where it’s at BRO!!!! 

  25. Haha love the final comment!! You are the man!! Dedication is key!!

  26. I believe in using the lowest effective dose. Lower doses thn what you use do the trick for me. Have heard about all kinds of side effects with +1.5g of ALCAR a day on longecity forums, but nothing dangerous or permanent. Most take below 1.5g a day.

  27. 5-6 grams of L-tyrosine and Beta-alanine is clearly OVERDOSED.

    Now 5-6g of ALCAR…. almost a recipe for DISASTER! 1.5g a day MAX.

  28. no.offense i get.tired.of seeing you hold tht cup all time lol

  29. Good basics, add some more,,good shit man..you know the true..we like grams of the good stuff not milligrams of a poor mix drinks..like jack3d,no_explode,c4 etc..good video..

  30. looks like c4

  31. @rpkdqzb yep. it was really hard when I first started working out and my muscles were going nowhere at all. Listen to this really I encourage you set aside just 10 minutes and make up your mind for yourself. I know you’ll find perfect muscles depends on ur need after watching this clip > bit.ly/Qg4YFr?=hnuhqj

  32. Do you need to take Beta-Alanine on non workout days? Or do you need to use it everyday?

  33. Can you do a full video on l tyrosine please??? i love this supplement but dont really understand all of the benefits

  34. ApollosDoulosOuranos Reply December 23, 2012 at 7:35 pm

    Thanks for a great vid

  35. Citruline*

  36. @willbrink what about cirri line malate? Or taurine? L arginine?

  37. Hey… Golf is awesome… But I still going to try your drink

  38. The way i tell if it works is if it busts a blood vessel. If I try out a new one I drink it a gallon of water then curl 155 lbs a bunch of times see if it busts a blood vessel

  39. TAKE UP GOLF!!! lol

  40. i for got to add taurine,glutamine and leucine is the amino that builds muscle the most, i would also add additional bcaas and some liquid vit. b and maby some green tea capsules, you really can do alot with a drink

  41. creatine and whey shake…