Mineral of the Year–Magnesium

Subscribe for free to Dr. Greger’s videos at bit.ly Donate at bit.ly DESCRIPTION: Despite promising autopsy and population data suggesting that inadequate magnesium intake is a risk factor for sudden cardiac death, it wasn’t until recently that this was demonstrated in prospective studies. Make sure you watch the “prequel” to this video, How Do Nuts Prevent Sudden Cardiac Death? (nutritionfacts.org Though those eating plant-based diets may average less than half the nutrient deficiencies than meat-eaters, as seen in Omnivore vs. Vegan Nutrient Deficiencies (nutritionfacts.org that’s not saying much given how pitiful the Standard American Diet is to start with. See, for example Nation’s Diet in Crisis (nutritionfacts.org and Calculate Your Healthy Eating Score (nutritionfacts.org There are many more videos on greens (nutritionfacts.org beans (nutritionfacts.org grains (nutritionfacts.org nuts (nutritionfacts.org and seeds (nutritionfacts.org as well as a thousand other topics at nutritionfacts.org Have a question for Dr. Greger about this video? Leave it in the comment section at nutritionfacts.org and he’ll try to answer it!
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17 Responses to “Mineral of the Year–Magnesium”

  1. but those are gross. eww!

  2. Dr.Kangaroo accidentally forgot to mention that animal organs and some seafood are a very high source of magnesium. Just another oversight I guess, and it seems to be the politically correct thing to do these days,omit information that you don’t want people to have

  3. Damn, and I thought my Vegan beer and chips diet was enough to keep me healthy.  It’s Vegan -right?!

  4. Thanks for your thoughts. Of course 800 mg is TWO RDA’s of magnesium. I’m just surprised that it’s not more. I’ve checked the cronometer numbers against nutrion-data and they seem to be using the same (USDA?) database. But it’s startling, 250g of kale has only 85 mg of magnesium. Arugula does better, 117. Collards much worse @ 22! Spinach (197), brown rice, oats and soybeans seem to be the heaviest Mg hitters I can easily add more of to my diet. Take care.

  5. That’s crazy, I eat a .6  pounds of green leafies (mostly spring mix) a day and I’m always way over the req for magnesium. Sometimes the single food values on cronometer are off, I’d get a second opinion on those greens you’re growing. I’ve never had trouble getting enough magnesium since I got off the fried tofu and onto the “serious” veggies.

  6. Less available sure. Unavailable no. You can soak and drain beans to lower phytic acid. Sprout beans or grains to lower it. Ferment them to lower it.

  7. Too much HFCS, refined sugar, white bread, white pasta, white rice, french fries, oils, etc.

  8. Thank you.
    I love fruits and veggies :)

  9. EXACTLY…vegetarians can be eating french fries and all kinds of crappy processed foods and thereby NOT obtaining their good nutrients from leafy greens and whole grains, etc.

  10. so what are these vegetarians eating? if they are not eating nuts, greens, beans?

  11. go to google phytic acid jeff novick vegsource

  12. what about the phytic acid in whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, etc? – i heard it makes that magnesium (and other nutrients) unavailable.

  13. I grow greens in my yard, eat a lot of them, 1/2 a pound to a pound a day, and otherwise eat WFPB vegan with whole grains, beans and veggies, still I only get 800-900 mg of magnesium a day, with a multivitamin included — according to the cronometer page.

  14. thanks doc

  15. Insightful

  16. personalperspective Reply September 26, 2012 at 2:24 am

    Could it possibly be that vegetarians are eating enough vegetables, grains, beans but because of the low magnesium levels in soil due to mineral depletion and non repletion, they cannot possibly eat enough to get that level of magnesium? It would be like 400 mg of Mg in three servings of vegetables 50 years ago no requiring ten servings of vegetables to get that same 400 mg of Mg? (Just guessing at the numbers).

  17. Very nice video! I know many people who are vegetarians but still they don’t eat more vegetables and fruit than average, they just eat refined or processed food made of plants.