Mitochondrial Theory of Aging

Subscribe for free to Dr. Greger’s videos at Donate at DESCRIPTION: The role of the detoxifying enzyme superoxide dismutase in staving off aging, cancer, and dementia and what we can do to boost its activity. Have a question about this video? Leave it in the comment section at and I’ll try to answer it! And check out the other videos on aging ( Also, there are 1449 other subjects ( covered in the rest of my videos–please feel free to explore them as well! Also, check out my associated blog post
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3 Responses to “Mitochondrial Theory of Aging”

  1. Since you like amla, you might check out ayurveda’s list of herbs for longevity: rasayanas.

  2. Thanks for sharing another benefit to a plant-based diet. Keep up the good work.

  3. ceasing the practice of medicating the water with an industrial waste and deceptively promoting it as safe and nutritious. manitobans must be educated on the acceleration of aging and disease due to HYDROFLUOSILICIC ACID. this is the form of fluoride that many cities are using to medicate the public. in violation of the manitoba health care directives act–medicating without informed consent and with an unlicensed chemical. good website: fluoride free winnipeg (.) com