Perfect Plantains – How to cook – Sweet and Caramelized – Restaurant Style

How to make Perfect Plantains. This method will get you sweet and caramelized plantains every time. Have you tried to make plantains only to have them come out crunchy or crispy instead of soft and sweet? This method is the solution for you. Restaurant style for sure. Awesome Platanos.

** Recipe included in my new low carb, gluten free cookbook, Low Carbing Among Friends. Please check it out at our website @ ** In partnership with FaveDiets ( http ) recipe site, I admit upfront my pronunciation is probably not correct. It’s supposed to be pronounced: HI Kuh MA Jicama, also called yam bean and Mexican potato, really is a versatile, Induction Friendly salad vegetable. It can substitute as a potato in some recipes and as an apple substitute in other recipes. In this recipe, I am making another Induction friendly snack recipe. *Join the Facebook page – * My Low Carb Blog – Nutrition Facts Per cup of Jicama 45 Calories, 0g Fat, 11g Total Carbs (6g Fiber,5g net carbs), 1g Protein For more free healthy recipes, cooking tips and tutorials go to
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43 Responses to “Perfect Plantains – How to cook – Sweet and Caramelized – Restaurant Style”

  1. I have never tried. Not sure what to expect. If you try, please let me know how it was.

  2. for steamed plantains go to: bit . ly/LeLn40

  3. Are they any good steamed?

  4. awesome !

  5. I have never tried

  6. can plantaines be fried in heated can sugar?

  7. Thank you! This video was exactly what I was looking for! I just made a batch of crunchy ones, and out of disgust searched for how to make them right and found you.

  8. Good luck and enjoy!

  9. That is only true if olive oil is re-used or heated very high enough to smoke. Extra virgin olive oil is a good and healthy choice for frying and deep frying.

  10. ROCK! I have been trying to figure out why mine come out crunchy since the summer. About to try this now :-) !

  11. You’re not to heat olive oil. It becomes a carcinogen – toxic to the body. Better options are Coconut butter/ oil or Macadmia nut oil.

  12. Palm oil is the best oil for frying. It has a high smoke/flash temp, high in the “good” fat, low in the “bad” fat, almost impossible to go rancid like most oils sold on the market, has no flavor, can be reused. Peace.

  13. Thank you for this video! I’ve been wondering how to do a soft, sweet plantains for ages. FINALLY!

  14. They are plantains, not bananas. Two different fruit. ;)

  15. how do you get the bananas to be dark?

  16. i used zero seasoning. some people like to put on salt.let us know how it works out for you! Good luck!

  17. these look yummy. im going to try my hand at this tonight:) Hope they look as good as yours!

  18. thanks you sooo much for this vid! i love plantins and rice. the first time i tried to fry them they came out a thin cruchy mess. i do have more plantins at home that should be ripened now, cant wait to retry.

  19. secondsbeforesunrise Reply November 8, 2012 at 11:50 pm

    Thank you! Crispy and crunchy is exactly what I got the first time around, but next time I’ll try this.

  20. Let me know how it turns out for you….

  21. Finally found some jicama at the grocery store. Gonna give this a try.

  22. I’ll try that (salting pre-frying ) next time I make these. I want to see if they get crunchier that way. Lately, when I have made these, I will let them rest 5-10 minutes afterwords to let them get crunchy.

  23. jennifer henderson Reply November 9, 2012 at 2:27 am

    hey i tried you chips and love em! Im a amature cook myself and i found if you salt the chips and let them sit for a few min. then fry them they will get cruchy. just dont salt them when they are out of the fryer or they will be to salty. I also found that if you peel off the skin its much easier. keep up the great receipes

  24. So far I have mashed jicama and hash browns out of them. I am going to make fries next and then a waldorf type salad with the raw jicama.

  25. I discovered that (peel with the wax on) when watching rutabagas videos. I have tried it raw, but I am just not a fan that way… I’ll try it with the lime and chili seasoning, and will report back.

  26. oh forgot to mention, TURNIPS make better chips than jicamas :)

  27. I’ve never tried cooking a jicama (I’m mexican I eat it raw) hmm.. you could just peel it instead of boiling it LOL save a step :) Jicama is better crunchy. you could just squeeze lime juice on it and sprinkle so chili seasoning on it, it is soo good.

  28. Pork rinds are great too, but I have to watch my intake due to them not triggering any sort of off switch to my hunger. :-)

  29. I ate pork rinds when I was craving for chips a few years back:P

  30. Yep, as :23 points out the correct phonetic pronunciation is HI Kuh MA.

  31. It was easy and yummy!!!

  32. Well, I found the jicama today at our super store and am quite excited to try it out. I’ve never eaten chips very often but it’s so nice to have it once a while as a treat. Probably can make french fries with that too? Have you tried that?

  33. Thanks for the info… Celery root always seemed like a lot of work from just looking at it, so I am glad my suspicions were confirmed.

  34. I’ve tried celery root…lot’s of work….lot’s of cutting through to what you can actually use and decided that it just wasn’t worth it. Will try this one…if I can find this jicama..sounds good. Thanks so much for your video:-)

  35. I bought me a Jicama, I am going to give it a try…Thanks Kent.

  36. I have never tried celery root, so I can’t personally comment on it. Jicama does taste similar to potatoes, but it doesn’t get as soft as potatoes. Using them as chips, if you fry them and let them sit for a minute, they’ll get crunchy like potato chips.

  37. Those look great Kent. Do they taste like potatoes? I also heard that you could substitute celery root for potatoes, could you tell me if these two veggies taste at all like potatoes? Thanks, and as always, I love your videos.

  38. Looks good, thanks for another great video, Kent! Maybe I can find jicama when I go grocery shopping this weekend!

  39. Yes they can.

  40. Can these be fried in coconut oil?

  41. Chef Michael Symon serves in house made chips wit ha Rosemary cheese fondue. I am going to do the same at home making the Jicama chips!

    Thanks Kent for this!

  42. No problem I am glad I could share this recipe. I want to remake it now that I have my new fryer.

  43. I don’t care how you say it, this is an awesome idea. I never post comments or reviews, but I just had to this time. These are great. My husband and I both loved these. It was so nice to have chips again. I’ve made different things that have been good substitutes for high carb favorites, but this is actually better than regular potato chips. Thanks for this and all of your videos!