Post Workout Carb FACTS!

For more info visit my site at: Post workout carbs, the facts! Pre- and post-workout nutrition is all the rage these days, and for good reason. For some, however, it’s become more than a science—it’s become their religion, or perhaps just a place to focus their OCD-like tendencies. Regardless, people have taken the topic of pre- and post-workout nutrition to a level that is not justified by the research, or at least not confirmed by the research that currently exists. Readers should realize I may have my membership card to the Bodybuilding Nutrition Guru Society torn up and thrown at me for what I am about to share in this article… The Facts on Waxy Maize, Vitargo, and other carb sources: A few years back a bunch of studies supported the concept that both the timing and type of carbohydrate athletes used could have positive effects — for both aerobic and anaerobic oriented athletes. Since then there has been a rush to find the “best” pre and post workout carb source. As is typical for the bodybuilding/fitness industry, a new “miracle” carb source burst onto the market almost monthly promising muscle growth second only to an Anadrol* enema, but I digress… The point being, there’s been a great deal of information, misinformation, and down right disinformation, regarding these “amazing miracle anabolic” carb sources. The pinnacle of which, is Waxy Maize Starch (WMS), but before we get to that, let’s back up a second to recap why the
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25 Responses to “Post Workout Carb FACTS!”

  1. You don’t

  2. Will, is your coffe/the still hot?

  3. Do I take waxy before or after my workout

  4. I used vitargocrx and I didn’t like it. I felt bloated and rotten from it and to top it all off it was disgusting =P So I’ll just eat regular foods after my workout.

  5. 2 years later people are saying non of this even matters in terms of muscle growth and all that matters is that you get your total macros at the end of the day. Views?

  6. i just have a banana and oats with whey for post workout

  7. thanks for all

  8. Hey will, atm im training days per week,  weight session and cardio sesh per day, my Diet is High protein, decent carbs, and decent fats. I only really eat carbs for brekky and post workout which is cup of oatmeal and some protein. This has been on my mind for a long time, Will i gain muscle if i do too much Cardio or dont eat enough carbs? i eat plenty of Protein, and i eat 5-8 times per day roughly, all meals have protein, im 20yo, 6foot tall, and 73kg. Would really appriciate a response

  9. thanks for all these vids by the way

  10. not neccessary at all

  11. bro.. is granola cereal and milk a good post workout food?

  12. Hey Will, what are your thoughts on the “PWO carbs blunting protein synthesis (and FFA oxidization)” statement that seems to be flying about at the moment? Surely the insulin spike of PWO carbs are necessary for protein synthesis?

  13. is it ok to have instant oats mixed with whey protein straigth after the gym,or should i keep with simple carbs?

  14. Hey Will! Great video and thank you for it! I read the articles, and they didn’t answer my question. I take dextrose powder with my 44g protein shake, but I am not sure about how much to take. Based on your knowledge, how many grams of dextrose do you think I should take with my shake?

  15. Damnit why doesn’t he drink from that mug?!

  16. How about 3 or 4 apples or bananas…. Fruit? no way! enzymes, vitamins, minerals, gross. I WANT POWDER!

  17. @willbrink So can you just take either Maltodextrin or Dextrose, or both. How much of either one or both.

  18. In terms of post workout sugar, fruits are one of the worst options you can choose. This isn’t to say they will harm your body, but other sugars will do a better job.

    Fruits aren’t the best option as it has something to do with your body breaking down fructose (the fruit sugar), as well as the low glycemic rating they have compared to other sugars. Generally speaking, your body has a easier time processing milk sugar (lactose), and a far easier time with dextrose and maltodextrin.

  19. Hi Will, what’s your take on fruits (especially dry dates) PW, is their assimilation and effect on insulin as effective a dextrose for instance, they sure taste better and are packed with minerals.

  20. Nice Hat man!

  21. I Love your videos. Straight to the point real answers. Gotta love it!!!!!!

  22. I haven’t read the articles yet; I do plan on it though. However, my question is pertains to food. What foods contain high dextrose and maltodextrin? What foods are the best for a post-workout recovery (in terms of carbs)? I know you mentioned chocolate milk briefly. Perhaps you can emphasize a bit more on it? Thank you and please keep it comin!

  23. Very interesting video. Thanks for sharing!

  24. i always look forward to your videos thank you budday

  25. Cheers buddy.