Raw vs. Cooked Broccoli

Raw vs. Cooked Broccoli

Subscribe for free to Dr. Greger’s videos at bit.ly Donate at bit.ly DESCRIPTION: Which results in greater phytonutrient absorption: raw broccoli, steamed, boiled, or microwaved? Have a question about this video? Leave it in the comment section at nutritionfacts.org and I’ll try to answer it!

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26 Responses to “Raw vs. Cooked Broccoli”

  1. Thanks for your support.

  2. they are completely different. BCAAs are essential amino acids and make a significant portion of muscle tissue. As for creatine we have an in depth vid on it called
    ‘What is Creatine? Why & When to Take Creatine?’ that you may find helpful.

  3. how do the effects differ from those of creatine? and would you recommend this supplement to be taken if a person already takes creatine?

  4. yes, they will not interfere w/ each other as Shred Matix is a fat burner.

  5. Can I take this with shred matrix?

  6. yes, you will get plenty of calories so the anti catabolic effects are not going to be realized. Hope this helps.

  7. does it mean this product is not made for people who want to gain weight?

  8. depends on why you are using it. For instance if you are on a hypocaloric diet (one of the only times you’d need it) you may want b/t 10-20g/day.

  9. how many scoops per day please ?

  10. we have it from Life Extension and Empyrean Nutrition. The LE one is just Na R-ALA and the Empyrean one also has Vitamin D and probiotics. Both use the patented form from Geronova research.

  11. Do u guys carry Na R-ALA? If so which brand do u recommend?

  12. BCAAs such as Xtend will not conflict w/ your fat burner.

  13. I wanted to confirm if i can take 1 cap of STAN Tight and then while working out (Intra work-out) take Xtend?
    Can u also help understand if Fat burners are good to take on empty stomach

  14. whether you need them (BCAAs) depends on things such as caloric intake. If you are not on a hypocaloric diet you can skip the BCAAs. We have a vid we just posted on BCAAs where we go into detail that you may find helpful.

  15. i have ON BCAA powder, would it be unneccesary to take this intraworkout and still take ON powder morning, pre & post? or could i just take the BCAA intra as well as the other times?

  16. sure there are not any antagonistic effects b/t them.

  17. Is this ok to take with a test like TestoPro by AI sports?

  18. you can but the point is you don’t need to supplement w/ extra BCAAs since you are getting plenty of calories. We have a vid on BCAAs we are posting this weekend that you may find helpful.

  19. @BestPriceNutrition thank you.But you think i could still bulk up while taking Pro Complex Gainer and Xtend Scivation? because i really want to bulk up fast

  20. sure if can help, but if you are taking in a lot of calories such as that you are getting from Pro Complex Gainer it’s really not needed. Hope this helps.

  21. @ BestPriceNutrition I would like to ask after taking this during workout, and then take my ON Pro Complex Gainer after workout. Will it still be effective?

  22. no, carbs would actually help as a greater rise in insulin will help transport BCAAs.

  23. Will the BCAA’s compete for absorption if taken with a carb powder? I’m on a low-carb diet so I think I can benefit from them, but I don’t want to take them with carbs if that is useless

  24. We don’t know that it is superior at this point (it may be as some of the literature is showing at this point) however it appears that leucine is the heavyweight of the BCCAs in that it is responsible for induing insulin secretion and as a result activation of the mTOR pathway. Since BCAAs can not build muscle themselves, activating the mTOR pathway is the ultimate effect one would seek. Hope this helps.

  25. you can however if you are not on a calorie restricted diet you really don’t need to since the mTOR pathway would be activated by the extra calories. Also if you are a vegan or vegetarian there would be a benefit to supplementing BCAAs. Hope this helps

  26. i got told to take it during training?