Raw Vs Pasteurized Yogurt

Raw Vs Pasteurized Yogurt

This video shows the texture differences between raw yogurt and pasteurized yogurt and discusses the health benefits of not heat treating milk before making into this wonderful fermented food.

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8 Responses to “Raw Vs Pasteurized Yogurt”

  1. Yes you are.

  2. great video thanks. I have been making my own yogurt from raw milk and we love it! I was taught to heat the milk slowly to 180 degrees f, then allow to cool to 100-110 before adding my culture and then keeping warm for 6 to 8 hours. my question is, am I destroying or denaturing all the proteins and enzymes by heating it to 180 even if I am doing so slowly and gently?

  3. I’ve been making raw yogurt since i watched this video i used it in our traditional drink “Doogh”. it’s great and i enjoy it very much. Thanks.

  4. Its an old comment, but I’ll answer anyway in case you’re still around – raw yoghurt will always come out slightly differently, because the original milk will have different proportions of beneficial bacteria, it isn’t homogenized, depends on the weather (amount of cream on the milk). However, all raw yoghurt will be a lot more stringy and jello-y due to the natural bacteria. If this bothers you, you can strain it through a cheesecloth overnight, and mix well to get rid of clumps.

  5. I am a part of a local herd share program. And I tried the raw yogurt once. But it was a very strange consistency. Not pourable like yours at all. It was so solidified that you could literally slice it into jello-like clumps with a knife. The consistency was such a turn off, I couldn’t even taste it. Might you be able to explain why that happened, or maybe what could I do to make it more “normal”?

  6. This is a very interesting video. All your videos are very educational. I live in New Jersey and although it is definitely “The Garden State”, raw dairy is hard to come by. I think there is a movement to pass a bill to legalize the sale of raw milk. How can I get the benefits of milk if I’m not able to find raw dairy? Should I eschew dairy all together?

  7. Great video and very good detailed descriptions about the differences in raw and pasteurized yogurt. Thanks so much for this, I get a lot of people asking about it as well.

  8. Sarah you guys buy raw milk year round? I get my milk only in the warmer months cause the cream is significantly less. Raw Yoghurt is one of my fav foods though. I buy this all year def helps my gi track.