Robert Martin – Living on Fruit

Robert Martin, 61 years old at the time of filming this segment looks simply unbelievable! He discusses maintaining his muscle and feeling amazing on a raw vegan diet. For more videos check out: Ebooks: ‘From Fat To Fabulous’: Simple Raw Food Recipes: Website: Facebook Twitter:

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25 Responses to “Robert Martin – Living on Fruit”

  1. Yes it is.

  2. Yes I believe so.

  3. Is this Bobby Martin from FZ’s band?

  4. Great hair too!

  5. I believe you are totally right… Dr. Brian Clement has a good theory on b12, imo.. Search for “Brian Clement b12″ here on youtube..:)

  6. Yes, it is technically a fruit, you are right. 

  7. Great video!

  8.  *shot of tomatoes in a fridge* “…some vegetables…” – tomatoes aren’t a vegetable

  9. You should be interviewed by Carl Lanore on Super Human Radio! I would love to hear the debate!

  10. After I’m done eating fruit, I like to call any vegetable.

  11. you’ll be restricting your calorie intake to only 1000 a day..which is starvation, so yes. alternatively you could eat all the calories you want from fresh, raw fruits and veggies and you’ll not only loose weight but also make yourself the healthy-est dude you know…thrive or starve – which would you choose??

  12. I’m sure those late 80′s tours watching Zappa chain smoking did something…

  13. Just a side note: it shows tomatoes when he says “some vegetables”, but isn’t it technically a fruit too?

  14. I am headed in this direction. I tried low carb Atkins. No fruit at all for me,several months in induction phase, and tho I felt some better, I woke up one day obsessed with eating fruit !
    So I had a fruit homecoming –yay!–and I have been happier and healthier than ever. Still want some cooked veggies and some yogurt, but the fruit is what I was most, most of the time. Good to see a fellow baby boomer setting this example. I am right behind you at 59, and will check out your other vids.

  15. Hi,

    If I eat 10 bananas a day only, will I lose weight ?


  16. However, supplementing (sublingually or intramuscularly which is the only way that it bypasses the digestive system and therefore bypasses any absorption issues) is the safest and best thing to do for MOST people, no matter their diet. Eating meat in order to get B12 risks so many diseases and in most cases will do absolutely NOTHING for your B12 levels.

  17. You may be taking lots of B12 in but absorbing none of it. If you have a very healthy body, have never had an eating disorder, abused alcohol or been under anaesthetic (all of which can damage your bodies intrinsic factor which is required to absorb B12) then your body can make it by itself, and can easily get the minute quantities required from organic vegetables etc.

  18. Approximately 40% of Americans are B12 deficient according to a recent Tufts study, and as you know, 40% of Americans are NOT vegans, very far from it. So B12 deficiency is not a vegan or vegetarian problem, rather it is a problem of absorption.

  19. what about b12?

  20. I have been eating low fat raw vegan (80/10/10) for almost 2 months and it works great! As soon as I am done detoxing I want to build some epic muscle like you Rob! Thanks for the inspiration!

  21. What a blessing.

  22. great message men, i appreciate the sharing and advice, it is really empowering!

  23. Amino aicds!! 

  24. They will never allow fruit and vegetable ads over processed foods and pharmaceuticals! Your not allowed to say anything bad about dairy, sugar and gluten!! Doctors and the food industries want us Sick!

  25. Protein comes from food, even if all you ate were bananas, you would get plenty of protein. Protein deficiency is so rare there is not even a medical term for it. It only occurs in populations where people are literally starving, it is not a concern for any of us who have plenty to eat. Eat natural foods and you will automatically be getting PLENTY of protein and in the most easily absorbed and assimilated form. Also Spinach has more protein (by calorie) than steak.