Should I Eat That? Reading Food Labels

How do you decide if your food is healthy or not? Do you prefer organic, low fat, low carp, low sugar, high protein, soy, vegan or vegetarian? All of these? None of them? Or are you just attracked to a picture on a box? Making healthy choices has gotten very confusing, as stores are filled to the brim with foods no one should b eating — often even the food brands which claim to be “healthy.” In his informative and fun style, Jeff Novick reveals the truth behind the marking of “health” foods, and shows a simple system for insuring you make wise choices. Watch Jeff’s talk, so you won’t be fooled again! For more information or to purchase a copy of the full talk, go to:
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The Food Label and You: Servings

Gia Mora hosts an exploration of “serving sizes” and servings per container”. Street interviewer Margo Seibert asks ordinary people on the street what a proper serving size is. Produced by CDRH-TV for CFSAN.
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19 Responses to “Should I Eat That? Reading Food Labels”

  1. No-one can accuse you of paying attention. The piece is on packaged foods and how the information given on the package may be misleading. Nowhere does he say not to eat fruits, nuts, veg, or legumes. His point is that the front of the package often contains information specifically designed to mislead. Thinking that you are eating something that is good for you, when you are not, can be more damaging if it leads to overconsumption. 30 min spent without real benefit may seem like a waste to some.

  2. just GO RAW GO RAW organic vegan…drink half your body weight in ounces of water everyday…take a supplement B12, D3 daily and make sure you get enough zinc and selenium…it really is that simple…

  3. Who is this guy? His advice is worthless! don’t look at fiber just look for whole grain? How much whole grain in say fruits, vegetables of legumes? Oh those must be worthless? I don’t think so. Notice this guy does not know much. he says do not look at the front of the label? that is wrong. His system is worthless!!! He does not have 30 minutes to explain?

  4. He’s making more of an awareness on how crooked these big name companies usually are- It’s good information for the people who are on the fence about making a diet change. You know and I know it’s crap, but alot of people are stubborn are need “proof”.. Just so they know we aren’t exaggerating. ;) 

  5. – U.S. Food and Drug Administration, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — have ruled that genetically-modified foods deserve an exception: they can be sold without being labeled “genetically modified.” This strategy has successfully prevented consumers from exercising informed choice in the marketplace, reducing the likelihood of a consumer revolt, at least in the U.S., at least for now.

  6. Agreed, for me I no longer consider meat as food.. =) I`m no fool though, but I will labor extremely hard to avoid eating dairy and animals. =)

  7. Meat is good food. If they like it or not. It’s their decision to not acknowledge it as food. But when you got nothing else to eat but meat. You can choose to die or eat meat for example! :)

  8. Just follow the guidelines here in this video and you can find out for yourself =)

  9. For the vegan, meat is not food =)

  10. Best food is fruit, meat and bread.
    Best drink is water.

    Anything more u need to know?

  11. The best food is picked when it’s ripe and eaten shortly thereafter. Variety is your friend.

    You can look up the nutrient makeup of every individual food item sold in America in the USDA nutrient laboratory database. I made a spreadsheet of the 25 most common items I use in the kitchen just to have an idea of how many cups of each item I need to include in meals. I’d recommend doing the same to anyone who cooks.

  12. The foods that are the best for you come straight from the earth and are in their natural (or mostly natural) state. That’s what humans ate before a few people decided to process, package, and market everything.

  13. Stick with whole foods, most of which don’t have nutrition labels. The ones that do don’t have any added fat, sugar, sodium, or any of that crap so you don’t have to worry about silly ratios. If you want to eat the healthiest diet, just eat whole foods and keep this junk to the bare minimum, if you consume it at all. Just be sensible, folks. It’s not rocket science.

  14. If you want to hear Jeff talk about Oatmeal search youtube for Jeff Novick Oatmeal for “Big Fattening Lies: Oatmeal”

  15. Hey can you do a viedo on Quaker grits, and cream of wheat am wondering if I should add them to my diet or not ??

  16. Reading food labels is so old school. Just buy food without labels and stop worrying about it.

  17. Cant get enough of these videos!!

  18. Is that a “greater than or equal to” sign by the 3 sugars’ word? I would take it that you would want to have less than ( <) or equal to sign by the 3 sugars word.

  19. Excellent video!!