Transformation Truth: Travel Nutrition … Be a Fit Fast and Strong All-Natural Athlete. Episode 14 of Chris Krueger’s Transformation Truth. The Health and Fitness vlog that separates fact from fiction and gives you the truth. It’s all abut how to achieve true & health and fitness and dispelling the ridiculous myths and bogus supplements that the “health and fitness” industry spend millions of dollars try to brainwash us with. Honest, up front and shooting from the hip. Chris Krueger injects reality into a world gone mad. Chris Krueger brings you another episode of his vlog Transformation Truth to youtube. His no nonsense health and fitness style. that cuts through all the hype and gives you the facts. This episode is dedicated to Travel Nutrition. Basically, travel nutrition is easy, it’s all about being prepared and planning ahead. True health and fitness is about putting your body and life into balance. Being smart and following the TSC Nutrition Program will help keep your body and life in balance. Instead, Purchase the TSC heart of a Champion Training Program and make it happen. The TSC Heart of a Champion Program… It’s all abut how to achieve true & health and fitness. Chris loves dispelling the rediculous myths and bogus supplements that the “health and fitness” industry spend millions of dollars try to brainwash us with. Honest, up front and shooting from the hip. Chris Krueger injects reality into a world gone mad. It’s important for all of us to reach and strive
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to “Transformation Truth: Travel Nutrition”

  1. He is wearing glasses because he is high. High on steroids …

  2. those sunglasses…


  3. Hey I’m just wondering what do you think about vitamin water? Good for you or a lie? When I travel I usually take 2 with me for the ride and I’m wondering if it will be bad for a healthy lifestyle or would it be ok?

  4. Great video as usual. Now I’m hungry for a Turkey & Swiss Sandwich. :D

  5. ugh.. I’m guilty of that yoyo problem thing…

  6. i agree we make life harder as it already is da bottom line is we need to live life to da fullest and how we gonna da only way is taking care of ourselves mentally physically and spiritually that’s da only way to have longevity and happiness. taking unnatural is gonna lead u down da hill

  7. i wonder man…do you sometimes eat junk food?

  8. Finally someone states it — eating healthy is not expensive!

  9. lol, thanks for watching. CK.

  10. haha your actually pretty funny, without even trying :p lol your also true and the things you say are very real. good job keep it up!!!

  11. Those are terrible glasses. :)

  12. I have those same shades in black. :D

  13. thanks for the reply, i have a suggestion for your transformation truth blog that is similar to this video. nutrition whilst u are ill. i have first hand experience of having things like flu or food poisoning that can stop u from training for days even weeks and its really hard to eat right when all u can do is sleep and sit around. also during these times of forced rest u can lose lots of muscle mass and strength, any suggestions? cheers


  14. John, the program includes everything you need to know to transform your body as quickly and efficiently as possible. Get started and crush the program. Make it Happen.


  15. hey chris, greetings from wales. im in the process of buying ur tsc heart of a champion programme but was wondering is the programme both a nutrition programme and a workout programme or just one or the other. and also is there an age ‘limit’ if u will on when u cant start the programme, im 17, 6ft4 and 107kg and really wanna start my road to having the heart of a champion. cheers


  16. If Ari Gold was a fitness instructor…

  17. Anything can work if you only want to “lose weight” including starvation. “Losing weight” is a terrible goal and only leads yo-yo weight gain. To transform your body you need to burn fat and build muscle. And no, only eating 3 meals a day is not a good strategy. If you want to know exactly how to do it right, click the link in the video information and start following the Heart of a Champion nutrition program.

  18. yo chris i was wondering does eating ONLY breakfast, lunch, and dinner really work when trying to lose weight?

  19. LOL.

  20. Chris Krueger so cool even Chuck Norris jealous

  21. dont cook vegetables ever, it denatures most of their nutrients mostly rendering them useless. Always eat them raw or steamed

  22. Sylvester Delirium Reply January 16, 2013 at 2:48 am

    the vitamin-A in the carrotts are worthless, if you arent eating them with oil. otherwhise you just get clucose

  23. Awesome vid man! always good advice!!! Eating healthy doesn’t have to involve cooking for an hour, it can be as simple as a sandwich or wrap. Thanks for the great advice! keep it coming!!

  24. do u cook the baby carrots ?????????????