Viral Meat Spray

Subscribe for free to Dr. Greger’s videos at Donate at DESCRIPTION: Bacteria-eating viruses (bacteriophages) have been approved as meat additives to reduce the risk of Listeria and Campylobacter found in processed meat and poultry products, but there is a concern they could spread toxin genes between bacteria. For more about leading food poisoning causes of death #1 and #2 see Total Recall ( and Brain Parasites in Meat ( For videos on other risks associated with processed meat consumption, see Preventing COPD with Diet ( Prevention Is Better Than Cured Meat ( and Hot Dogs & Leukemia ( In my book Bird Flu ( I have a chapter about these creative meat industry “technofixes” (rectal poultry superglue anyone? ( For videos on other chicken feed additives of questionable safety, see Arsenic in Chicken ( and Drug Residues in Meat ( and for what Campylobacter can do, Poultry and Paralysis ( Please also feel free to check out any of the other 1000+ thousand topics ( and if you didn’t like the thought of the meat industry spreading viruses on your food, tomorrow’s video is entitled [Maggot Meat Spray]. Have a question for Dr. Greger about this video? Leave it in the comment section at and he’ll try to answer it!
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A Must See For Anyone Who Values Their Health. Paul Chek’s Does A Lecture About The Essential TRUTH In Nutrition.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  2., Michael Greger, MD
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18 Responses to “Viral Meat Spray”


  2. First they put dihydrogen monoxide in ALL of our drinks (which kills withing seconds if inhaled), and now this.

  3. free full text & unrestricted reproduction if original work is properly cited: BMC Microbiology 2010, 10:232.

  4. ha ha!! More proud sinning Gluttonous America – they will eat meat no matter WHAT they do to it. Even feed the chickens/turkeys ARSENIC people gobble it up!

  5. ha ha!! More proud sinning Gluttonous America – they will eat meat no matter WHAT they do to it. Even feed the chickens/turkeys ARSENIC people gobble it up!

  6. everyone should find a Naturopathic doctor. im in AZ so i recomment looking at AzNMA

  7. The great apostasy happened after the crucifixion and was greatly advanced by Paul; however, Jesus did restore the fullness of the gospel via Joseph Smith Jr. so that now mankind is without excuse!

  8. ritalin is amphetamine so is ice wtf , lets make a war on ICE HEADS and give your children ritalin ,, people are stupid !

  9. false, there was a vegetarian tribe, just no vegan tribes

  10. i really like some of his points but yet he was wrong in his statement that sugar is why our kids are hyper, sugar has been found to give no effect on hyperactivity, caffeine on the other hand greatly effects this so he is right we are hyper because of what we eat but its not sugar, excess sugar becomes fat, energy drinks is what is doing it, coffee and things like that

  11. @Nerva666 he does @ 2:10

  12. This is really great. Thank you!

  13. Awesome ! Awesome ! Awesome ! Awesome ! Awesome ! Awesome ! Awesome !

    Thanks for uploading
    This rules !

  14. Atkins was the best diet i tried for weight loss, but i used Metabolic Typing to fine tune my way of eating.

  15. I’m going to a 3 day lecture wih paul in Sydney in late November. Can’t wait!

  16. Kids today eat way too much sugar, salt too, i am surprised Paul doesn’t discuss that too

  17. Paul,
    I have been watching your lecture for a good portion of my study time this morning. I am sitting an exam tomorrow on Nutrition and I came across your lecture while i was looking for information on the lifestyle, diet and disease changes of man in the early stages of agriculture.
    My lecturer is very well researched in nutrition like you and i love going to lectures to absorb partial portions of his amazing brain. I have had the same joy listening to you talk.

  18. paul is a fucking legend!!…weston a price 2…read their books!…and practice what they say!…a man who walks his talk